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What’s New 3DEXPERIENCE Works Design 2022: February Update

Wednesday March 2, 2022 at 3:20pm
Dassault Systèmes has just released their February 3DEXPERIENCE Works update of browser-based design and engineering capabilities which include a range of new functionalities, user assistance and integrations. Let’s take a closer look at the enhancements included in this release.

Updated Browser-Based Roles

This update sees new functionality being added to browser-based roles, including 3D Creator, 3D Sculptor, 3D Sheetmetal Creator, 3D Structure Creator, 3D Mould Creator, Manufacturing Definition Creator.

Increased Connections and Integrations

  • Import eCAD Files

The number of products that contain printed circuit boards (PCBs) continues to grow exponentially. Now you can import IDF files, which are typically 2D designs, directly from your ECAD software. The application converts files to 3D representations of the PCB that can be used to design extremely accurate enclosures. 

  • Import Revit Files for AEC Applications

With the ability to import Revit files, you can work concurrently with architects and building designers to ensure your designs properly integrate with theirs, increasing efficiency and reducing manufacturing issues.

  • 2D Drawing & 3D Model Connection

The latest release allows you to create 2D drawings based on a 3D view for a flexible solution that outputs both model-based definition (MBD) and 2D drawings with no rework required on dimensions and annotations. In addition to this, you can now create 2D presentations for manufacturing definitions with seamless connection to 3D geometry and annotation.

  • DXF Export

The DXF export update includes changes to the flat pattern, these updates ensure that the changes are only reflected on a flat pattern and changes won’t disrupt your folded model.

Enhanced Design Assistant Functionality

  • Keyboard Shortcuts on Tool Tips
  • New User Assistant Panel
  • User Parameters
  • Intelligent Tangency for Parting Lines
  • Design Assistance for Manual Parting Lines 
  • Thickness Analysis Checker
  • Hopper Feature (with bends)
  • Additional Bend Options
  • Easily Place Gussets, End Caps, and Plates
  • Faster Geometry Selection
  • Net Surface Primitive


  • Reduce Design Rework

If another designer has changed the file you are working on, it will be graphically flagged as out of date in the Design Manager. This flag makes it easier and quicker to tell when items are outdated, so you can update the items and reduce time spent on rework.

  • Smoother Design Workflows

If you forget to create a reference sketch, hole, or other feature while in a command that requires one, you can pause the command and create your sketch before automatically returning to the previous command—all without losing your place.

  • Always Connected

The platform makes it easy to work with people inside and outside your company, including customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. You can simplify your communication workflow and improve productivity because everyone works from the same platform. And because data management is built in, you have design data and communication audit trails all in one easy-to-access location.

  • Assemble Smarter

With the power of machine learning, this update revolutionises the way you put together assemblies, which become as intuitive as that well-known brand of construction blocks, but with any shaped geometry. 



Interested in 3DEXPERIENCE Works and want to learn more about it? Visit our 3DEXPERIENCE Works pages to discover its capabilities or get in touch with us to arrange a demo.

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