Laptop Donation to Ugandan Medical Centre

Thursday April 7, 2022 at 3:30pm
A new medical centre near Kampala, Uganda, has been constructed to offer access to effective healthcare to some of the poorest in the community. We are happy to have been able to support the Destiny Medical Centre project, which has been supported by a UK-based charity. To do this, we have donated some laptops that we had previously used to carry out training courses. These laptops will serve as the backbone of the centre's IT infrastructure.
Laptop Donation to Ugandan Medical Centre

What is the Kampala Medical Centre?

The Kampala Medical Centre is a children's hospital that supports the prevention and treatment of illnesses such as Malaria, HIV and other communicable diseases.The centre is a vital part of the surrounding community, providing treatments and procedures to everyone they can, however, they are in desperate need of modern medical infrastructure and equipment. 

Why the Destiny Africa Medical Centre Matters

The Destiny Africa Medical Centre has been established with the following goals in mind:
  • Provide full curative and preventative healthcare to KCC children and staff, children at Destiny Bridge Academy and Stride Academy and members of the Community of Hope.
  • Provide healthcare services to the communities of the Wakiso and Kampala areas.
  • Provide fee-attracting services which will generate income for the ongoing running of the clinic.
  • Provide employment and training opportunities.
  • Reduce poverty and hunger through improvement in the standards of living as a result of better overall health.

If you'd like to learn more, visit the Destiny Medical Centre website here.

How will the donation from Solid Solutions support the centre?

Last week, we gifted six of our retired* training laptops to help run this centre; this donation will meet roughly half of their IT needs throughout the centre. Though we no longer require these laptops for training purposes, they still have above-average specifications, meaning they are more than suitable for everyday office use. Because of this, we were happy to have the opportunity to pass them on to a good cause and give them a new purpose.

*Every three to four years, our Training and IT teams replace all of our training hardware. This ensures that we continue to offer a first-class experience to trainees attending one of our SOLIDWORKS courses. 


Using SOLIDWORKS to reimagine the Space

In addition to the laptop donation, we have supported the centre in using SOLIDWORKS to help plan the fit-out of the centre, providing clear instructions on how to layout the different rooms and facilities in a way that clearly crosses language barriers. 

Below is an example of some of the screen captures used.
At Solid Solutions our employees are proud to support charities that are very close to their hearts – this way we know we’re selecting a partner charity that will make a real difference in our community. Visit our charities page to find out about the we support and our amazing people who work with them directly.

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