Customer Story: TBA Protective Technologies Ltd.

TBA Protective Technologies Ltd. are a manufacturer of passive fire protection products. Their fire protection brand is Firefly™. Operating as part of TBA Protective Technologies Ltd., Firefly™ is a range of world-leading, fully certified passive fire protection products comprising lightweight, easy to install fire barriers with system ancillaries supported by state of the art fire stopping products. 

As a leading specialist in the manufacturing of high-performance textiles that protect from heat and flame Firefly™ are well known for creating top of the range products for use in safety-critical applications in the most demanding environments.

Customer Story: TBA Protective Technologies Ltd.

What is meant by Passive Fire Safety?

Passive fire safety is a vital component of any fire strategy. Built into the structure of a building, this includes items such as flexible fire barriers, typically used to provide compartmentation in roof voids and large open spaces within buildings to delay the spread of smoke and flame.

These flexible fire barriers provide a unique passive fire protection solution, being lightweight and easier to install compared to more traditional products like stone wool, especially in complex and space-restricted areas.

When it comes to passive fire safety solutions, installation is critical - this is because the installed product may be in place for 20 years or more without being used or maintained, however, when required, it must work right-first-time as per its intended use to perform the life-saving role it was designed to do.



In recent years there has been a keen focus on the fire industry to test, certify and transparently communicate their solutions. Using SOLIDWORKS allows TBA Protective Technologies Ltd. to be able to convey these solutions right to the hands of the installers, architects and building control as well as keeping the information up to date. Its ease of revision means that as we test and develop our methods, we can update our models and draw sheets with ease, without having to start from scratch.

"Our use of SOLIDWORKS and Solid Solutions provides us with the flexibility to provide accurate, instructional and timely drawings to support installers, architects and clients to achieve the safest solutions in buildings." Explains Jack Colloff, CAD Designer at TBA Protective Technologies Ltd. "Our technical drawings provide all the details and context necessary for correct installation. Having complete control of this service in-house provides a high level of detail and attentiveness that ensures all parties through our supply chain, from office to site, have the most relevant and useful information."

If you would like to find out more, and keep up to date with TBA Protective Technologies Ltd.'s journey, visit their website: 

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