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The TriMech Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and design software, hardware, professional services, and support, to clients accross the globe. Use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

September Customer Spotlight

Friday September 1, 2023 at 8:00am

Welcome to our Customer Spotlight series. Each month we shine the light on a selection of our customers and the products they create to see how they are transforming their industries through innovation.

Across every industry, whatever their size, we are continually impressed and proud to support them. Check out September’s selection below.

Percussion Play

With over two decades in the play industry, Percussion Play is a premier outdoor musical instrument manufacturer.

Their mission infuses harmony, soul, and energy into global outdoor play spaces, prioritising inclusivity and accessibility.

Through combined expertise, they create interactive musical pieces, blending creativity, music, and technology for exceptional sound, aesthetics, and durability. Their designs prioritise inclusive play, fostering enriching experiences and spaces for all.


Percussion Play seamlessly merges creativity and technology using SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Leveraging SOLIDWORKS, their designers intricately craft outdoor musical instruments directly from 3D CAD data, uniting aesthetics and functionality.

SOLIDWORKS Composer transforms designs into vivid images and interactive animations, bridging concepts and reality. This integration expedites design and enhances collaboration.

Percussion Play employs SOLIDWORKS to compose an inclusive symphony, seamlessly uniting technology with artistry to craft truly immersive experiences.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design | SOLIDWORKS Composer

To learn more about Percussion Play and what they do, visit their website.

Thorne Design Ltd.

Since 2015, Thorne Design delivers efficient naval architecture and yacht design with unique character.

Their adept team ensures an enjoyable process, showcasing a passion for each project and global expertise in composite yacht manufacturing.

From superyacht tenders to ocean voyagers, Thorne Yacht Design excels in projects of all sizes.


Thorne Yacht Design maximises efficiency and innovation by utilising SOLIDWORKS software in their design process.

This powerful tool enables their naval architects and engineers to seamlessly transform concepts into intricate 3D designs, ensuring precision and realistic representation.

SOLIDWORKS integration streamlines collaboration, enhances structural analysis, and shortens the transition from design to manufacturing, reinforcing Thorne Yacht Design's commitment to excellence.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design

To learn more about Thorne Design and what they do, visit their website.

H2Go Power Ltd.

H2GO Power is a pioneering cleantech company focused on developing and delivering hydrogen energy storage technology for a wide range of commercial applications.

Their core mission is to provide clean, accessible, and reliable hydrogen energy sourced from renewable sources, in order to contribute to rapid decarbonisation efforts and create a positive social impact on a global scale.


H2GO Power utilises SOLIDWORKS for developing their renewable energy solutions, enabling efficient mechanical design and simulation.

With additional leverage from SOLIDWORKS Electrical, H2Go Power Ltd can support integrated electrical and mechanical design, ensuring seamless functionality of their energy systems.

These CAD tools play a crucial role in accelerating design processes and contributing to H2GO Power's mission of providing clean and reliable hydrogen energy solutions from renewable sources.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design | SOLIDWORKS Electrical

To learn more about H2Go Power and what they do, visit their website.


Iceotope is a leading provider of Precision Liquid Cooling solutions, helping businesses achieve Net Zero targets.

Its innovative technology supports sustainable practices by reducing energy and water usage and cutting data centre costs.


Iceotope utilises SOLIDWORKS Mechanical, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and SOLIDWORKS PDM to develop innovative Liquid Cooling solutions. This enables them to optimise performance assessment, enhancing quality and innovation.

Pre-manufacturing tests cover durability, static and dynamic responses, assembly motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastic injection, guaranteeing top-tier solutions.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:


To learn more about Iceotope and what they do, visit their website.

Olympus Technologies Ltd.

Established in 1987, Olympus Technologies specialises in Industrial and Collaborative Robotics, Automation, and Welding Technologies.

As an innovative robotic integrator, Olympus Technologies excels in delivering high-quality bespoke turnkey projects across multiple business sectors.

The company also collaborates closely with a number of high-quality European manufacturers, further enhancing their capabilities.

Additionally, they offer ’off-the-shelf' robotic solutions for common business processes such as welding, palletising, and laser marking, showcasing their expertise and adaptability.


Olympus Technologies' engineers utilise SOLIDWORKS throughout their design process, generating accurate 3D models for robotic systems and automation solutions.

Employing SOLIDWORKS' simulation tools, they have been able to validate designs, conduct stress analyses, and ensure peak performance for their products.

The software's collaborative features facilitate real-time teamwork, rapid design refinement and overall development.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design | SOLIDWORKS Simulation

To learn more about Olympus Technologies and what they do, visit their website.

Fancy being in the Spotlight?

If you want your company or product to be featured in next month’s Spotlight, send us an email at, or speak with your Solid Solutions Account Manager.

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