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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2024: Top 10 New Features

Monday October 9, 2023 at 8:00am

SOLIDWORKS 2024 has arrived, which means there’s a whole load of new and exciting features for us to unpack.

We’ve picked out our top 10 features in SOLIDWORKS 2024 and compiled them in this handy list. These enhancements are sure to help you model more quickly and design more efficiently.



  1. Automatic Pattern Repair
  2. Faster Sketching Tools
  3. Reattach Dangling Dimensions
  4. Sheet Metal Stamp Tool
  5. Share & Markup
  6. Enhanced Rip Tool
  7. Save As Previous Version
  8. STEP File Import Filter
  9. Symmetric Patterning
  10. Save Assemblies as Multibody Parts

For a full breakdown of the new features coming to SOLIDWORKS 2024 and the wider SOLIDWORKS portfolio, check out our SOLIDWORKS 2024 What’s New page here.


SOLIDWORKS 2023 brought us the automatic mate repair tool, and this year that tool now extends to repair patterns.

When an afflicted pattern feature is selected from the FeatureManager Tree, the auto repair button will be visible on the menu.

Clicking the auto repair button will have SOLIDWORKS solve the issue for us.


Now clicking on any sketch entities reveals an instant preview of a possible dimension. By clicking on that preview dimension, we can enter a value and update the dimension.

This works for all types of dimensions, including angle dimensions. This flexible new feature doesn’t get in the way of your regular sketching workflow, as you can click anywhere else on the screen to disable the preview.

We’ve also got 2 new options within the Hole Wizard.

Existing 2D sketches can now be used for positioning holes and we can create instances on sketch points or construction geometry locations.


Re-attaching dangling dimension references is now easier than ever.

A new red X identifies where a reference entity is missing, and we can reattach dimensions directly to model edges in a drawing view.

X really does mark the spot.


The Stamp tool is a brand-new feature for SOLIDWORKS 2024 and lets us take a sketch and push it into the model, much like a forming tool.

Any closed-contour sketch can be used to create stamps, and the tool comes with a complete set of controls to make sure it can be customised to your needs, as well as being easily removed after stamping.

In many situations, the Stamp tool can be used instead of forming tools, proving to be a powerful, time-saving addition to the fabricator’s toolset.

Check out all the fabrication tools that SOLIDWORKS has!


The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services remove the friction associated with traditional design sharing and collaboration tools.

We can now share SOLIDWORKS files with anyone to review, measure, and markup easily.

The Lifecycle & Collaboration toolbar allows us to share any SOLIDWORKS file in a format of our choosing and upload it directly to our 3Ddrive for sharing.

The recipient will get an email with a link to the shared files for them to review, and the files can be opened in any web browser, on any device, for viewing and commenting.

While they will need to log in with their free 3DEXPERIENCE ID, they do not need to have licenses of SOLIDWORKS or the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to access and review the files.

These comments and markups can be viewed within SOLIDWORKS for seamless design modification.


Hollow and thin walled cylindrical & conical sheet metal parts can now be designed even more easily as the rip tool gains new capabilities to handle them.

With controls for adjusting the gap size, position, angle, and offset, this will really speed up creating flat developed patterns from your cylindrical & conical sheet metal designs.


You’ll be forgiven for expecting this one to take the title of top enhancement, as this has been a regularly requested enhancement for several years.

With a SOLIDWORKS subscription, SOLIDWORKS 2024 can now save part, assembly and drawing files as previous versions up to two years old.

This works with both conventional saving and the Pack & Go feature. Just make sure the parts don’t have any ‘future version’ features that the older versions cannot recreate.

This enhancement will reduce the need to save file in a neutral format, and makes it easier to share and consult with suppliers and contractors.


Working with STEP files has been streamlined with the introduction of filters.

We can now enable filters prior to opening STEP files to import only relevant parts of our choosing, massively reducing the opening and rebuild times.

This will give you a preview of what is contained within the step file, where you can select which components you want to import into SOLIDWORKS.


The new Symmetric option is found in the Linear Pattern tool.

No more faffing about with multiple direction selections. This upgrade lets you pattern seed features, faces, and bodies in the opposite direction in just one click!


At number 1, we’ve chosen the enhancement that allows assemblies to be converted into multibody parts within a single, intelligent feature.

Save assemblies and subassemblies out to parts easily to enable accurate calculations of interferences and weight further downstream.

This feature links all of the data from the assembly to the part file, with complete associativity between the multibody part and the parent assembly.

This enhancement helps make sure we stay up to date with any design changes that might take place at a later date.

Take the Next Steps...

Make sure you catch up on all the new enhancements to the wider SOLIDWORKS portfolio by watching our live SOLIDWORKS 2024 What’s New launch event.

Explore the complete SOLIDWORKS portfolio and discover the advanced CAD capabilities that streamline workflows and shorten design times.

As part of the TriMech Group, we support designers, engineers, and businesses across the world as they develop innovative solutions to today’s challenges. From our CPD-accredited SOLIDWORKS training courses, to simulation, manufacturing, data management and product lifecycle solutions, our team is equipped to support you as you navigate your design journey.

With a SOLIDWORKS subscription you gain access to our expert SOLIDWORKS Technical Support team.

So if you find your workflow disrupted, or just have a question about SOLIDWORKS, then give us a call on 01926 333 777 or drop an email to and one of our certified SOLIDWORKS Engineers will be in contact.

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