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10 NEW Updates to SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024

Friday January 5, 2024 at 8:00am


  1. Auto Save Files after Meshing
  2. New Copy Study Options
  3. Robust Bonding Interactions
  4. Convergence Check Plot
  5. Enhanced Bearing Connectors
  6. Direct Sparse Solver Retired
  7. Multiple Gates Optimisation
  8. Plastics Batch Manager
  9. Pressure-Dependent Viscosity Materials
  10. SNL User Timeouts

Design validation is a key component of the design phase, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides an accessible and accurate way to calculate the performance of your products.

Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting the latest updates and improvements to all the different areas of SOLIDWORKS in a series of blogs.

We previously brought you the Top 10 Best New Features of SOLIDWORKS 2024, but in this blog post, we’ll delve deeper and focus on what’s new in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Plastics for 2024.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation now offers users the option to automatically save files after meshing and after completion of a study.

This means we’ll see less unexpected data losses to the void in the event of power cuts or interruptions, and presents the opportunity to run more studies in less time with the complementary performance enhancements.


Mesh and results data can now be excluded when copying a simulation study to a new study. These can be applied at a global or individual study level.

You can specify global default settings from the Default Options > Solver and Results > Copy Study dialog box.

For individual studies, you can modify the default settings for Include mesh and Include results in the Copy Study PropertyManager.


Shell bonding interactions have been enhanced with an algorithm to provide greater accuracy when dealing with gaps between shell elements.

User-defined maximum gaps will ensure that multiple similar values are maintained when working with coarse meshes and several elements.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024 introduces a new results plot for convergence.

This plot can be accessed through the simulation study tree, by right-clicking Results and selecting Convergence Check Plot.

This plots the regions detected when the solver encounters contact convergence issues.


Virtual connectors have gained some new properties for 2024!

When adding a bearing connector, a new Distributed connection type and Torsional Stiffness property can be modified.

As faces of the connector will be allowed to deform under the distributed condition, and the torsional stiffness accounts for the bending stiffness of the shaft, these enhancements bring more accurate results when using virtual connectors.

Just be aware that the ‘Allow Self-Alignment’ option in previous releases is no longer available and is obtained by setting the torsional stiffness to zero.

Ready to Upgrade?

Make sure you’re ready to upgrade! Have you checked off these 10 things to do before installing SOLIDWORKS?

Read the full blog to get prepared and find out everything you need to do before installing SOLIDWORKS.


This is less of an enhancement, but something to be aware of going forward, as support for the Direct Sparse solver has been retired with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024.

For legacy studies that use this solver, SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024 will use the Intel Direct Sparse solver instead.


Not sure how many gates you can use for a cavity?

Well, multiple gates can now be automatically optimised for in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2024.

Up to 10 gates can be automatically added with the Injection Location Advisor, as SOLIDWORKS iteratively calculates how many a cavity requires.


The SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2024 batch manager lets you queue up simulations and run them all in one click.

This tool is enhanced by allowing you to choose different study types and specify how many CPU cores you wish to dedicate to the tasks at hand.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2024 Fill and Pack simulations now support materials with pressure-dependent viscosity, and they have been added to the Plastics Materials Database.

Pressure-dependent viscosity is an important consideration when working with high injection pressures and for parts with long flow lengths or extremely thin walls.


There’s no need to worry about licensing timeouts when running long studies.

SOLIDWORKS holding a license during solving is considered an activity, so your session will still technically be ‘active’, even if you’ve gone to make a cuppa or have a kip.

Inactivity periods required to trigger timeouts will begin after the completion of a study in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

There are a slew of new features and enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2024 that cater to the evolving needs of the design and engineering industry.

For all of the latest updates and features coming to SOLIDWORKS, check out our dedicated webpage and discover what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

Take the Next Steps...

If you need help with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, our team can help you achieve accurate results and sharpen your skills.

Here’s a quick rundown of how we can help you get the best from SOLIDWORKS Simulation and virtual testing with our Simulation services.

Not only do we offer CPD-accredited training courses, but also finger-tip access to an expert Technical Support team and consultants who will tailor to your needs.

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