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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2014

Download Highlights Datasheet
Download Full Datasheet
Key Features
New features include scaling the sketch by the first dimension, Lasso Selection capabilities and Path Dimension.
Sketch Picture Scale Tool
Key Features
The Sketch Picture Scale tool simplified the process of including external digital images in your Sketches.
Sketch Splines and Conics
Key Features
New tools for specifying the length of a Spline, a completely new Style Spline and the ability to replace Sketch Entities
Sheet Metal
Key Features
New tools include Sheet Metal Gusset, Corner Reliefs and enhancements to Swept and Lofted Bends.
Weldments and Parts
Key Features
Configurable Weldment Profiles, Slots in the Hole Wizard, New Mass Properties and many more new features and enhancements.
Conic Fillet
Key Features
New Conics in fillets. Create fillets using Conic Rho and Conic Radius.
Key Features
Powerful new workflow tools such as Angular Running Dimensions, a completely new type of Dimension, Automatic Splitting of BOMs, and many other new enhancements
Enterprise PDM
Key Features
Cache Options, Column customising in Where used, Contains, Check-in/out, collapsible trees, reference selection controls, reference version in task panel.
Key Features
Volume costing improvements, Costing Options, Quick costing, costing of sheet metal parts using machining templates.
Electrical Schematics
Key Features
Improved interface, new tools and functionality to speed up the conception of electrical circuits.
Electrical Additional Features
Key Features
Cable Voltage Drop, Design Rules Manager and publish to eDrawings.
Electrical 3D
Key Features
Performance and Harness design improvements.
Assembly Delighters
Key Features
Rotations in exploded views, quick access to configurations and flexible settings, mirror component enhancements, select by size slider tool, view mates on features
Assembly and Part Pattern Enhancements
Key Features
Extension of pattern tools in assemblies to be consistent with parts (sketch and curve), pattern driven patterns, and part multibody support for patterning and mirroring
Assembly Mates
Key Features
Smart mate sensitivity, default mate types, quick mates, Lock rotation on cylindrical mates.
Sphere Mate
Key Features
Expansion of the ability to mate spherical surfaces to just about anything.
Slot Mates
Key Features
Mates components to slots and control their position and movement.
Key Features
Improved interface, getting started wizard and new in-mold residual stresses in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
CircuitWorks and Flow Integration
Key Features
Enhancements to CircuitWorks interface, new wizards, thermal property extension and integration with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
Key Features
New interface, History folder, Save as options and visualisation tools with OIT Transparency and Selective Section View.
Simulation Core Enhancements
Key Features
Enhancements to Results Interface, Automated Toolbox fastener mapping, Symmetry Results, 2D Contact Pressure Plots, and Contact visualisation.
Appearances - PhotoView 360
Key Features
New export options, Backgrounds, Sunlight, and Solar Access Study for improved visualisation
Key Features
Collaboration made easy with enhanced support of SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation, and SOLIDWORKS Electrical.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to upgrade to a new version of SOLIDWORKS?
The cost to upgrade SOLIDWORKS to the latest version is included in the subscription cost for the support of the software.

If subscription has lapsed, please contact your regional sales manager for the best option to proceed. If you do not know who your regional sales manager is, please use the enquiry form.
Where can I download the latest version of SOLIDWORKS?
To ensure you have the latest version of SOLIDWORKS installed, you can accesses the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and download the latest major version and subsequent service packs.
How can I request new functionality for SOLIDWORKS?
SOLIDWORKS new functionality is driven by the users of the software. To have your input you can submit an enhancement request on the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. It is best to search to see if the enhancement request already exists and if so vote for this enhancement as it adds weighting to the ticket.

Go to SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal -> My Support section -> Enhancement Requests
Can I get a summary of just the new features that are relevant to my team?
Our CAD Management services has a team development section, that is designed to upskill your team ensuring they have the knowledge and skills required to stay at their best. Here we offer a What’s New presentation with a certified application engineer who will deliver bespoke content relevant to your industry.
What are the main technical considerations when updating to a new version?
  • Hardware – Check your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Standardisation – Ensure the whole company is installing the same version and all customised materials are in unique file structure outside the default SOLIDWORKS installation locations.
  • Back up – SOLIDWORKS files are not backwards compatible, so newer files cannot be edited in previous major versions.
  • Download – Have the download/source files downloaded before starting, this will minimise down time. You can perform a full download so the media can be shared regardless of package and add-ins.
  • Standalone – If moving machine, ensure you deactivate the licenses before installing on a new system.
  • SolidNetwork License Manager – Both the individual machine and the license manager on the server need upgrading. Upgrade server first to minimise downtime.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM – If SOLIDWORKS PDM is being used this needs to be upgraded first.
  • Graphic driver – Once installed it is important to match your graphics driver to the new version of the software for better performance. Check graphics card driver
  • Ask – If you are not sure about any part of the process please Contact Us and we can assist.
Contact Us

If you would like to speak to someone about upgrading, call 01926 333777 or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.
If it is a technical query please use our support team.

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