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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

PLM Services & Solutions

Business Transformation

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PLM Solution
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Achieving successful Product Lifecycle Management requires a holistic, all-encompassing view of a businesses processes, and technologies, as well as their business goals. To do this, our Business Transformation team work closely with you to ensure they have a clear understanding of your current business situation so they can provide the optimal route forward to achieve your business goals while reducing costs and delays, increasing efficiencies, and eliminating silos.

PLM Discover

The Problem
  • Do you want/need to improve how you deliver products to your customers and don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need a business case to justify digital transformation?
  • Do you need help understanding advancements in technology supporting how your business operates in order to shape your vision?
  • Could you use a roadmap and playbook outlining how to meet and exceed your business transformation and growth goals?

We can help you to be crystal clear about what’s working today and what can be improved based on the needs of your customers and your organisation’s strategic goals. We’ll provide advice about how you can develop your organisations processes and what tools you might need along the way. We’ll then wrap up these improvements in a business case to help you get the financial backing needed to move forward.
Our Business Value Assessment is a review at your site that aims to get an all-encompassing view of the performance of your business – covering things like the businesses objectives, challenges and initiatives.

The assessment is carried out by our Business Consultants who interview your key personnel addressing everything from how you capture requirements, all the way through to how you manufacture and supply your products to your customers.

These interviews are focused on how the company is performing with regards to People, Processes, and Tools and identifies non-value activities that can be reduced or removed in their entirety.

PLM Deployment

Project Management
Project Management in the Business Transformation team uses bespoke best practice principles developed over the last 20 years within the PLM domain.

By defining the project scope, definition and goals, both parties can agree exactly what the project is to achieve. We can assist you in identifying and proactively mitigating any constraints that could affect the delivery of the project and the right level of project management resource can be assigned to ensure the success of the project.
Design and Build
This stage focuses on the construction of the implementation in terms of physicality. Drawn from our past successful implementations, the project design highlights the needs for internal and external systems abilities and acceptance criteria.
  • Software selection and means of deployment
  • Systems redesign
  • Integration with existing structures
  • Consideration of legacy data and systems
User Acceptance
World class SOLIDWOKRS training
Our Business Transformation team understands that for any PLM implementation to be deemed valuable, it must be people-centric. This is why we pay special attention to the end-users of the system. Through extensive PLM testing phases, potential fail points are identified and remodelled at the earliest point.
  • Change management
  • Systems support and localised training
  • User-centric relationship strategies
  • Structured acceptance criteria
User PLM Training
The next stage of PLMDeliver is focused on getting all end-users of the new system up to date with the implemented solution. Using PLMTrain, offers three separate areas of focus in regards to education:
  • Dassault Systemes Certified Courses (Education Partner Program affiliate)
  • Our Tailored Training Courses
  • Customer Specific Methodologies
Go Live
This is the stage where all of the planning and methodologies are put into action. Our Business Transformation team understands that this is by no means the end of the project; our project teams still work very closely with our clients to ensure that transition to the new system is as faultless as possible. The PLMAssist service that we offer, means that support and help is always on hand. Our support offer is tailored to customers, as to ensure that businesses continue to enjoy success with their new system, well after the PLMDeliver stage is complete. PLMAssist includes:
  • At elbow support
  • Non-defect support and dedicated helpline
  • Installation and software upgrade support

PLM Assist

PLM Support Services
Drawing upon our Business Transformation teams; extensive cross industry experience and the world leading product developments teams at Dassault Systèmes, PLMAssist solutions offer high value PLM support services. Whether client-side or remote, our dedicated and experienced support network provides accurate, reactive responses to help minimise user downtime and maintain operational efficiency.

The PLMAssist Agreement includes the terms and conditions that govern our mutual responsibilities for the delivery of remote and onsite assistance for the software environment and covers the following defect and non-defect support:
At Elbow Support
By offering support knowledge at the point of use, our PLMAssist team can develop solutions with users in a real-world environment. This helps our support offer to be responsive to the problems faced every day.
Non-defect Support/Helpline
The PLMAssist support helpline and web based solution gives users a direct gateway to our product lifecycle management experience. Enabling our support team to better understand the problems facing the user and create a tailored, effective solution.
In line with our PLM Success implementation methodology, our support is available at every stage of the process, providing assistance and experience. PLMAssist was developed to reduce the pressures and bottle necks that come with any PLM implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does the Business Transformation Team Do?
The Business Transformation team are a specialist team dedicated to helping organisations streamline their processes, eliminate silos, and realise efficiencies to build a more productive, and profitable business.
How does Business Transformation Work?
This process is all about disussion and common understanding. We use our experience, knowledge and depth of technical skills to enable your company to implement best practiced solutions. Our aim is to enable you to make changes to processes, people & systems to realise your vision at a pace that suits your business and enables you to benefit from a return on investment in a scalable, affordable and measurable process.

We have a process that helps you uncover, define and articulate the steps we need to take to succeed. Through uncovering the key requirements and identifying the measurable milestones we need to reach we can design, deploy and support advanced data management changes in a scalable way.
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Whether you’re making products for use on a construction site, designing the building or managing the construction process, it’s likely you’re doing one of the hundreds of processes that we could help make run better: more efficiently and at a lower cost.

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