What is the Purpose of our Review Services?
To Understand and Improve your Business
Business Development & Review Services are characterized by their key objective, understanding you & your needs. All of the services in this type involve review of your processes, workflows and even your team. A true, deep understanding of our customers allows us to deliver ‘turnkey’ improvements that revolutionize businesses.
What are these services?
The Development and Review services enable our customers to take a fresh look at the way they are doing things, and will give feedback on where improvements could be made or alternative solutions deployed. Its really important that all engagements result in a tangible outcome and a clear ‘road-map’ to improvement.
What is the outcome?
It's key to us that we don’t just highlight problems, instead we propose solutions and a route to improvement. The deliverables vary between services but can include personalized training road-maps, written reports covering issues or improvement presentations to key-shareholders. Outcomes typically cover many things but will include both short term ‘quick-wins’ and medium-term improvements.
How Does the Skills Assessment Tool work?
Our Skills Assessment Tool works online in any browser. There is a short description below but visit our Skills Assessment page for the full details.

How do you know if your engineers have the correct skills to utilize all of the benefits SOLIDWORKS can offer?

Our new online skills assessment app is the ideal tool for companies looking to test an applicant’s skills during the recruitment process or establishing where your current team could benefit from any advancement in their software knowledge.


Our bespoke skills assessment app can be configured with questions from specific areas of the core SOLIDWORKS functionality and therefore each company can tailor the assessment to suit their own requirements. As this is an online tool, the exam can be attempted at any time (during the validation period) which is convenient for each individual and resulting in minimal disruption for the business.

When the assessments validation period ends we will assess and compare the results, before providing a follow up web meeting to discuss the results and provide our recommendations for any further actions.


The Skills Assessment session is ideal for companies who have grown their team of SOLIDWORKS users or for situations where your current team could benefit from advancement in the software knowledge.

The personalised assessment method allows us to test candidates in any area pertinent to their role or your company’s specific needs.

During the session we will cover:
  • Do your SOLIDWORKS users have the correct skills?
  • Are users creating models that can easily be modified by others?
  • Is there a ‘weak’ link in your team?
  • Produce a personal training plan specific to individual needs.
  • Encourage a common way of working across your team.

Do you want to improve you CAD usage within your organisation, discuss general issues you are experiencing, or understand how to achieve your plans for the future? This general visit will allow you to tap into our highly experienced applications engineer’s knowledge and skills with an open discussion onsite meeting.

Following the visit our engineer will provide a written report outlining what was discussed and our recommendations.


This session reports on the hardware you are using to run SOLIDWORKS, offering advice to optimize its set up and makes recommendations where it falls short. We also look at your design workflow, offering quick fix advice to improve efficiencies to reduce time to market.

If your team report SOLIDWORKS ‘crashing’ or ‘performance’ issues related to speed or graphics this service helps to prove whether or not your hardware is at fault.

During the session we will cover:
  • Graphics card optimization.
  • Review of hardware spec.
  • Basic workflow advice.
  • Review SOLIDWORKS options for performance.
  • Assess suitability of systems for specific tasks like Simulation or Rendering.

Your CAD data is one of the most valuable assets of your business, but what’s the current state of its health?

Have you seen missing files when opening, lost external references or multiply copies of the same file? If the answer is yes, these are all signs of a system in a bad state of health and needs to be resolved before a problem occurs resulting in a significant financial impact on your business!


Our bespoke health check tool can be set up remotely and run over a period of time to fully establish the state of your CAD data’s health. Once we have downloaded and reviewed the results we will provide you with a written report outlining our assessment of it health and our recommendations going forward.


As a critical business system within your organisation, the ongoing health of your SOLIDWORKS PDM installation should be of paramount concern.

The purpose of this technical health check is to review and document the current configuration, allowing us to advise on any errors or inconsistencies that could affect performance or create future upgrade risks.


The primary focus of the health check is a technical review of the installation and configuration of the installed PDM Components and a review of your disaster recovery capabilities. The deliverable will be a summary report that documents and advises, where appropriate, the existing installation including:

  • Software components Installed
  • SQL Installation and Configuration
  • Infrastructure / Networking
  • Server Health
  • Vault consistency
  • Client Installation / Health

Your company has invested in SOLIDWORKS software and training, but are your engineers producing the designs in the most efficient way?

In this interview style session, we converse with your design engineers to understand exactly what needs to be achieved with SOLIDWORKS, understanding your design process from A - Z. Then advise on best practices and work flow to allow them to design more efficiently. A number of small changes to your process can drastically reduce the overall time to market.

During the session we will cover:
  • A detailed report on efficiency of the design team and a potential route to improvement will be provided.
  • Do your users have awareness of the features and processes required to get the job done in the best way?
  • Challenge the way SOLIDWORKS is being used within your company ensuring you get the most out of the software.
  • Tips and advice allowing you to speed up the design process.
  • Reduce time spent on mandraulic tasks where automation is possible.

Do you want to improve the deployment and use of CAM within your organisation, discuss general issues you are experiencing, or understand how to achieve your plans for the future? This general visit will allow you to tap into our highly experienced applications engineer’s knowledge and skills with an open discussion onsite meeting.

Across the interview style sessions we will understand exactly what needs to be achieved with your manufacturing solution. The expert advisor on site with you for the day will give verbal advice throughout but after the visit a written report including any recommendations will be provided.


In conjunction with our Business Transformation team, the Strategic Value Assessment (SVA) is a two stage evaluation of your business processes. The assessment enables us to understand your Critical Business Issues (CBI) so our consultants can make recommendations to maximise your success in your business sector.

We work with Executive Management to run discovery sessions with key employees to unearth bottlenecks and poor procedures that delay time to market, cause unnecessary costs and reduced margins. The findings and recommendations are presented back to Executive Management, where road-maps and next actions are discussed in detail.

This process has been known to identify over £250k worth of inefficiency (per. annum) within some medium sized customers. What are the problems you live with really costing you? Are you even aware of the problem?

During the session we will cover:
  • Optimise design time to give you more time to innovate.
  • Can any manual process be automated?
  • Are tasks being duplicated?
  • Are all departments pulling towards CBI in the same direction?
  • Maximise your profitability.
  • Ensure a return on your software investment.

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