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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.



Why Utilize Team Development Services?
Improve Skills, Morale and Productivity
The value of a team performing at maximum capacity is priceless! Team Development is a key aspect of CAD Management and the following services are designed to upskill your team ensuring they have the knowledge and skills required to stay at their best. Across all of these services we work hard to ensure they are relevant to your business and personal to individuals & their own requirements.
What types of services are available?
The services in this category will keep a team performing at its best. The topics covered are the most commonly requested by our customers and will keep teams, up to speed, engaged with advanced topics, and furthering their knowledge. Full descriptions further down this page.
How will my team benefit?
The sole intention of every service is to benefit the team and all content covered will be made relevant to your team, but companies do have the opportunity to personalize any of the services further if required – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any special requirements.
What are the SOLIDWORKS Certifications?
The SOLIDWORKS Certification Scheme is the only industry recognized SOLIDWORKS exam. Customers can engage with these services in a range of ways but CAD Management customers can run this event at their site. See the full description further down this page or visit our dedicated Certification page.
My team is fully trained is this relevant?
SOLIDWORKS release 200+ new features every year which is strong enough reason to adopt a continual improvement approach. On top of that, these services will also challenge advanced topics beyond training and how to apply that knowledge to your business in the correct way.

With hundreds of enhancements being added into SOLIDWORKS this year, it’s sometimes easy to overlook or miss some of the new features.

This group session is an ideal way to make sure your users are utilizing all of the tools available in the latest version of SOLIDWORKS.

The session will cover the last five years of SOLIDWORKS enhancements, our engineer will focus on the most valuable new techniques to help your team to operate SOLIDWORKS as efficiently as possible.

During the visit our engineer will demonstrate a selection of enhancements from the following areas of functionality:
  • User Interface
  • Parts
  • Assemblies
  • Drawings
  • Other core tools (Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Routing etc.)
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard (Included with SOLIDWORKS Standard)
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard (Included with SOLIDWORKS Professional)
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation (Included with SOLIDWORKS Premium)

Our demonstration will use the current annual release of the software and is available between January and October, prior to the launch of the next annual release.


In this workshop style session, we look at what can contribute to an assembly slowing down and how to reduce time creating large assembly drawings.

Along with this we give best practice advice on standard libraries, imported parts, and look at which SOLIDWORKS options will speed up your work with large assembly models.

This also includes time for our engineer to review your Assembly dataset and tailor the presentation with the best advice that is most relevant to your team.

During the service our engineer will:
  • Utilise system and document options for better performance.
  • How to set up standard part libraries for performance.
  • Speed up your large assembly drawings.
  • Maximise large assembly performance.
  • Large assembly review tools.
  • Best practice when working with imported parts.

Every aspect of SOLIDWORKS has hidden gems that will improve user performance.

We will customize the session to suit your industry and version of SOLIDWORKS, making sure we show you as many of the great Tips and Tricks as we can.

During the service our engineer will explain:
  • Hidden user interface functions
  • How to reduce time to create even the most basic features in SOLIDWORKS
  • Sketch tips
  • How to streamline workflows and common processes
  • Hundreds of tips customized to suit your industry

We have found that customers who work through the certification path gain great confidence in their ability but also learn the tools and design techniques which allow for quick modelling changes and a more productive workflow.

As an employer, this can be a great way to retain key people as they will not only gain skills and confidence but also feel valued because of the investment your company is making in them.

During the service our engineer will:
  • Provide a brief overview of some of the topics likely to come up in the exam.
  • Support setting up/accessing your SOLIDWORKS Certification Centre account.
  • Guide you through the process of applying your CSWA and CSWP exam codes (subject to exam codes being obtained).
  • If you wish to sit any others exams, please speak to us beforehand.

Please note that it is recommended that before attempting the exam day you have sat the Essentials, Assembly and Advanced Part Modelling courses.


For the smooth running of the design department you need to ensure that all engineers are working in a consistent manner. How do you ensure this is happening?

In this session we show your CAD/Drawing Office managers the best practice techniques to ensure their entire team are working with the correct tools and options within the software to ensure continuity across all users.

CAD Managers have a diverse range of responsibilities and this session looks to cover an equally wide range of content and topics including:
  • What is a CAD manager?
  • CAD vendor interaction.
  • Workstation optimisation.
  • Software deployment strategy.
  • Standardization and CAD guidelines advice.
  • The value of your data. Are you controlling documents correctly?
  • Continued professional development recommendations.
  • Emerging technologies.
  • Time for questions about management tools within the software answered, for example Bills of Materials or revision control.

You have attended the training and discovered new tools which can aid your design, now it's time for the entire team to implement these tools and design using a consistent workflow.

With the help of one of our applications engineers, you can ensure that your team are well supported to get up and running with SOLIDWORKS straight away.


After completing the SOLIDWORKS training courses it can be a daunting process having to apply your newly established SOLIDWORKS skills to your own products for the first time and failure to do this straight away can result in this knowledge being forgotten.

Avoid this potentially expensive mistake from happening at your business by arranging for one of our experienced Applications Engineers to visit your team and provide them with over the shoulder support when going live with SOLIDWORKS for the first time.

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