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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Linear Composites Ltd

Long-established, reinforced plastic composites are being launched into modern, high precision applications with SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Simulation

About Linear Composites Ltd

Linear Composites initiated as a development division of Imperial Chemical Industries over 35 years ago, charged with the task of producing and marketing reinforced plastic composite materials which could be used in various applications. One of the most famous materials which was born from Linear Composites work is Polyester. Since then, Linear Composites have matured into a specialist subsidiary of Maccaferri Industrial Group, producing high-specification technical fibre products.


Linear Composites evaluated a number of packages to try and meet their mechanical design and fluid dynamic analysis requirements, some of which included SolidEdge and AutoDesk. Technical Developments Manager, David Cheer, assessed the different systems and commented that “in a lot of cases they were separate modules that didn’t work together, or the solutions offered limited capabilities. SOLIDWORKS had a range of extensions that are essentially the same system and from a user point of view, that makes a very big difference.”


Implementing SOLIDWORKS design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Analysis and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation has shown vast benefits for two of the products in the Linear Composites Portfolio - ParaFence and ParaFil. 


The ParaFil product is a range of high-tenacity TECHNICAL FIBRE ropes with nominal breaking loads of up to 1500 tonnes force. The ropes are connected to third party infrastructure using proprietary terminations to allow efficient transmission of the forces. SOLIDWORKS has vastly reduced the time required to design customer-specific terminations and also allowed a greater range of simulations to be performed during the optimisation stages of the design process. Designs experience very large loads so there is a need to be precise as the result is critical. SOLIDWORKS allows engineers to know not only if a design will fail but the behaviour and deflection characteristics. The speed and ease with which different loads and different scenarios can be analysed has reduced production time. Engineers can quickly reach the best design and with confidence.


Another of Linear Composite’s products, ParaFence, used to be out-sourced to Aerodynamic specialists, causing delays in product development and additional costs which were passed on to the client. Now, with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, engineers are able have a complete understanding of the product performance. Computational Fluid Dynamics can be simulated in the same environment as the model and displayed in an easily to understand, visual and raw format. This brought another factor to the attention of engineers, they realised that they had better knowledge of not only the product but the forces in the surrounding environment and how any changes effected the vicinity as a whole. Additionally, the interface between the CFD and 3D CAD environments in SOLIDWORKS allow the results from the CFD to be fed back into the mechanical design of the fence structure. This was a massive breakthrough for the company. Bringing this analysis in-house means there is no longer a back and forth workflow between engineers and external contractors, each project can be optimised in a shorter time period, more cost effectively and with better products as an end result- good news for both Linear Composites and their Clients.


  • Integrated 3D modelling and Simulation environments are intuitive and easy to use for faster development
  • Eliminated dispute with third-parties on volumetric material requirements
  • Ability to perform aerodynamic analysis so cutting times and costs for outsourcing
  • Enhanced communication of designs through realistic visualisations
    Download SOLIDWORKS Case Study - Linear Composites

    Download the full Linear Composites Case Study

    Linear Composites Ltd



    Perth and West Yorkshire

    Products Used
    Simulation (FEA/CFD), SolidWorks CAD

    Previous CAD

    "Results of our projects are critical and the consequences of failure would be high. SOLIDWORKS allows us to dramatically reduce risk and gives us greater confidence, in a shorter amount of time. Linear Composites have to meet quality standards on all projects and follow indemnifications from insurers. With SOLIDWORKS we can quickly output reports and have complete tracability of our work."
    David Cheer, Technical Developments Manager

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