Moving to 3D has been essential in the growth of Brushtec, expanding both design and manufacture capabilities through implementation of SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM.

About Brush Technology Ltd

Brushtec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brushes for industrial, municipal, and agricultural applications. We work closely with our customers on their product development to offer innovative custom design solutions. For 26 years we have provided high quality innovative brush ware globally.
We operate an in-house toolmaking and injection moulding departments, and produce all our own tools using latest CAD/CAM software in unison with multiple CNC milling machines and lathes. Our moulding department has a wide range of injection moulding machine ranging from 65 ton to 850 ton with a maximum 12Kg shot weight.


To facilitate further modernisation:
Our 2D package was limiting our capabilities. We needed software which would expand with us; allowing us to work with increasingly more expensive and complex tooling and injection moulding, provide 3D modelling to send to customers, and speed up the design process to meet demand.


Brushtec now uses SOLIDWORKS Premium and SolidCAM. This gives us the ability to design more complex tools with a much greater degree of precision, and a much lessened risk during manufacture. This gives us the confidence to know that our highly complex tooling life will last per specification. The massive reduction in time it now takes to generate mechanical drawings has allowed us to experiment much more in our design process which has allowed us innovate at a much higher degree, without any more time spent on it. The ability to quickly create rendered images means we can have quick back and forth’s with customers regarding designs.


  • Improving concept to production time.
  • The ability to design more complicated injection moulding tool faster.
  • Improved Client visualization using PhotoView 360, eDrawings, 3D PDF’s
  • Intuitive and easy to use.

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