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SOLIDWORKS in the High Tech Electronics Industry

Within the High Tech Electrical Industry there is an ever increasing demand for lighter, smaller and more technical products. This, coupled with government regulations, growing global competition and emerging sustainability concerns, make up just a few of the Macro Critical Business Issues faced by the industry on a regular basis.

SOLIDWORKS' expansive range of integrated solutions help your business meet these challenges whilst increasing efficiency and improving the product development process - leading to true industry success.

SOLIDWORKS can offer real solutions to the challenges faced by various members of the production team.

Challenges and Solutions for...

Managing Director

Ensure information is shared effectively and efficiently.


CAD Solution

Complicated process flows which can lead to confusion or miscommunication within a team

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM is able to clearly display each process within a product development stage, track product changes and easily access various revisions of your CAD design as well as ensuring that the most up to date version of a design is always being worked on across the team.

The capability to fully analyse a design is key across a range of formats, allowing for the study of visuals as well as the physicality of a project

SOLIDWORKS extensive tool suite offers a range of capabilities to meet a vast spectrum of analysis needs. Produce photorealistic renders using PhotoView 360 to determine the final aesthetic of a product whilst SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis packages are able to test products physical attributes in real world situations. SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM allows for various team members to access the project regardless of geographical location thanks to the vault whilst revision control prevents work from being overwritten.

Head of Engineering

Find the equilibrium between quality, reliability and safety, lower costs whilst also shortening the design cycle.


CAD Solution

Remove the need for physical prototypes

SOLIDWORKS indepth Simulation softwareis able to assess product performance across the board. With add ins such as CircuitWork sand SOLIDWORKS Routing as well the various Simulation packages, SOLIDWORKS can analyse a huge spectrum of product physicality from consumer electronics and circuit boards through to wire harness designs and produce drop test analysis and much more. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enables the user to understand the impact of air flow within a product as well temperature distribution within electrical components.

Evaluate design intent, correctly assessing product operations and aesthetic

SOLIDWORKS' rendering capacity allows for aesthetic to be fully assessed with photorealistic visualisation whilst additional add ins such as SOLIDWORKS Composer allows the user to interact with a product, considering assembly and repair.

Create sustainable designs, constantly be aware of impact upon the environment

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability gives designers and engineers the ability to understand the impact of products on the environment, consider the impact of transport, manufacturing and material choice.

Increased co-dependence of electrical and mechanical engineering

SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks allows for process integration, allowing for the merging of electronic and mechanical design.

Plastics: Mould bases created directly from core and cavity geometry

SOLIDWORKS has a variety of mould base solutions available, all mould bases can also be created using industry standards.