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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Packaging Design


Why use CAD for Packaging design?
Develop the perfect fit and style
Packaging designs are now nearly as important as the product they hold. Customers expect high quality packaging for all types of manufactured goods. Properly designed packaging can distinguish a brand help to elevate a product above the competition.

It is often an eye-catching solution to display products, drawing customers in with different shapes, sustainability and showcasing the product. Having a design solution that allows you to visualize your concepts, minimize material usage and ensure manufacturability is essential.
Concurrent Design Process
SOLIDWORKS allows you to Design the packaging in conjunction with the design process, reducing the time to deliver the product to market. Dynamic links between the product and its packaging allows for the model to keep up to date with design changes.
Virtual Prototype
With the ease of sheet metal flat patterns, each face or the net can be easily exported as DXF and sent to for cutting. If the design involves nonplanar faces a flat pattern can be produced using the Surface Flatten command, this can be useful for curved graphic designs and label templates.
DXF Export
Easily create cardboard packaging that can be flattened and exported as DXF and sent for cutting with just a few clicks. If the design involves nonplanar faces then a flat pattern can be produced using the Surface Flatten command, this can be useful for curved graphic designs and labels.
SOLIDWORKS Tools and Solutions for Designing Packaging
SOLIDWORKS Professional
SOLIDWORKS Professional bundles comprehensive design tools with data management, rendering and more. Whether you need to design plastic infills, cardboard boxes, complicated organic shapes or just need to edit an existing model SOLIDWORKS has intuitive design tools that make these tasks simple.
SOLIDWORKS Composer creates perfect technical illustrations in vector graphics format, ideal for creating instruction documents and marketing collateral. These vector images can be applied across manuals, models or on your packaging to display how the product is used or how to assemble the contents.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize helps realize your ideas and provide insights into your packing designs. Quickly create photorealsitic renders directly from your CAD data to explore different colour schemes or design variants without the need for prototypes or expensive photoshoots. Use the stunning imagery created to convince clients or as marketing assets.
Subtraction Tools
Using tools such as intersect, indent and combine allows you to easily create negative spaces, to ensure your design fits securely into its packaging. Precise design will help to prevent damage in transport and display the product in the correct orientation.
Sheet Metal
Despite the name, these versatile tools are not limited to sheet metal design, by altering the bend allowances you can create folded cardboard designs that can be flattened with the click of a button. Sheet metal supports a variety of approaches allowing you to turn existing 2D or 3D CAD into folded designs or generate your own model from scratch with tabs, flanges, bends and more.
Surfacing has many tools to allow you to precisely generate virtually any shape, perfect for creating more complex or organic designs. Surface flatten allows you to quickly create a 2D flattened version of any face or model, ideal for creating labels or other items that needs to wrap around a product.
SOLIDWORKS Users in your Industry
MARY KAY INC. - Seeing beauty in cosmetics packaging
Challenge: Improve design visualization so that sales, marketing, creative, and international colleagues can fully imagine new cosmetics packaging concepts, prompting more input, engendering greater buy-in, and driving quicker approvals and faster development.

Solution & Results: Add SOLIDWORKS Visualize photorealistic rendering software to their SOLIDWORKS design platform.
  • Cut Fearless Collection packaging development time by 50 percent
  • Accelerated approvals of packaging design concepts
  • Leveraged renderings for focus groups and internal reviews
  • Improved quality of sales toolkit materials
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Assemble and test your designs virtually

Detailed visual representation
Replace photoshoots, save time and cost
Create and display complex products
Create moulds and CAM programming
Design nets and visuals on your packaging
Visualise in Point of Sale displays
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