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SOLIDWORKS in Industry Sectors

SOLIDWORKSis used globally by industry leading companies to design better quality products in less time. Though SOLIDWORKS isn't only used by established companies, it has become the CAD software of choice for most top schools and universities and is also helping many new companies to establish a foothold in their markets. 
SOLIDWORKS in  Education


SOLIDWORKS educational products are utilised at over 80% of the world’s top engineering schools. With SOLIDWORKS students and researchers have the functionality to become productive almost immediately.

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SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurs & Startup Scheme

Solid Solutions provides free SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, world leading support and training to start-ups and entrepreneurs across the UK and Ireland.

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SOLIDWORKS Incubators & Accelerators

We support many accelerators and incubators for early stage hardware startups across the UK. 

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Solid Print 3D

 Solid Print3D is the 3D Printing Business Unit of Solid Solutions – We provide genuine advice for the best 3D printer for your business. 

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