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AMFED design parts, mechanisms, and machines, both for individuals and for industry, and we can also build them. In addition, we create engineering pictures or graphics. We use a variety of CAD software for this, predominantly SOLIDWORKS. Our aim is to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. Established in 1995, AMFED is a small but highly experienced company, without the associated inertia of larger organisations. That means we are able to respond quickly to your requirements, and you can talk directly to the engineer on your job. Also, our lower overheads mean that when you use AMFED, you pay less. We aim to keep up with and utilise all the advances coming out in software, techniques and new products, unlike some companies who just stick to the old, familiar ways. This means that when you choose AMFED, you will be benefiting from all the advantages that new technology has to offer. Our website is currently being updated, but please feel free to visit at



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