Dark Red Design

About Dark Red Design

Dark Red Design’s services include, product design, mechanical engineering, mechanical simulation, CAD realisation, prototyping, product development, product research and project management.

At Dark Red Design we understand the importance of good design for adding value to a product. If you wish to bring a new product to market or improve a product, aesthetically, functionally or economically.

We provide a professional and cost effective option for any part of the design process. We help solo entrepreneurs, SMEs and multi-national organisations achieve their unique ambitions through great design, cutting-edge innovations and original thinking.

Taking concepts from initial idea through to finished manufactured product, our integration of different disciplines from the very first steps along the design process ensures your product has the easiest and most cost-effective route to market possible.This blending of critical skills keeps our approach lean, allowing us to be reactive to new directions and new developments and make more efficient use of the budget and resources available. By building manufacturability in at each stage, we strike the ideal balance between creative flair, deep technical expertise and commercial realism to deliver outstanding value to our clients.




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