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We Get Things Made Plunkett Associates is a prototype and production parts supplier, offering a professional, impartial service designed to supply the ultimate solution for prototype parts and low volume production requirements. With access to a full compliment of rapid prototyping technologies from stereolithography and selective laser sintering to the more conventional CNC machining and tooling technologies, we can meet all your prototyping requirements. We also offer a full range of tooling options from early development tooling through prototype tooling to bridge and production tooling. The key being to match your goals to the types of tooling produced and ensure that timescales, flexibility and product quality are maintained. For those that require additional support we can provide expert material, tooling and production advice using our experience and expertise to source the most appropriate solution. With a vast range of production methods and suppliers at our disposal, both in the UK and overseas, we can provide clients with timescale options that can be suited to match production requirements without ever compromising on quality. For more information or to contact us please visit our website and think about signing up for our monthly newsletter.



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