The Works Design Services Ltd

About The Works Design Services Ltd

The Works Design is essentially a 3D & 2D CAD Design company. The company was set up in 2007 to plug a large gap in the market.

The chief founder was Martin Mervyn with over 30 years of experience in this field.

There is an enormous demand for flexible CAD resource. Hence the setting up of this company. Just about every main aspect of engineering is covered ranging from Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electro-Mechanical, Medical, Refrigeration, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Toolmaking, Manufacturing, Solar Power, Refrigeration, Reverse Engineering, Wind turbines, Anaerobic digesters, floorpans, planning permission, steelwork, sheet metal, carpentry, building regulations and Building Surveying.

Need an invention drawn up?
Need a product developing or drawn up?
Perhaps you need a CAD guy for a day or two or for a fixed term project.

We often operate outside normal working hours and flexible to suit your needs.

Speak to one of our CAD Designers today. Simply give us a call!

We have offices in the southeast and southwest.


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