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Role: Mechanical Designer
Date Posted: Monday 17 August 2015
• Design of mechanical components for Conical Rotary Compressor systems for air, process gas and refrigeration applications in aerospace, transport, or oil & gas upstream. System components include screw rotors, housing parts, shaft seals, gears, pipe work.
• Experience and strong understanding of the operation of machinery in aerospace, transport, or oil & gas upstream environments
• Specify, select and conduct compliance testing of electric motors, oil / water injection and refrigeration components for compressor assemblies
• Analysis of mechanical systems, including, wear (tribology), fatigue, thermal, vibration, and acoustics
• Thermodynamic analysis of compressor operating environments
• Develops manufacturing drawings in accordance with applicable standards
• Construct and oversee technicians in construction of developed systems
• Interface with outside vendors for component selection, manufacturing, and assembly
• Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, and computer-generated reports
• Confer with system engineers and other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information
• Research and analyse customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and maintenance requirements of designs or applications
• Specify system components or direct modification of products to ensure conformance with engineering design and performance specifications
• Specify quality control guidelines for the designed components
Your Experience / Skills
• Background in screw compressor or aerospace or transport or oil & gas engineering is required
• Excellent problem solving and time management skills
• Good mechanical aptitude and knowledge
• Knowledge of electronic equipment and computer hardware and software
• Self-motivated and highly organized
• Proficient in 3D CAD modelling and FEA


• Master’s Degree in compressor or aerospace or transport or oil & gas engineering
• Strong understanding of thermodynamics
• 5+ years experience

Salary Range:
£35k detailed based on CV



Placement Type:

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