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Date Posted: Tuesday 4 February 2014
Cubewano designs and manufactures small engines used primarily in UAV’s (Unmanned Air Vehicles). These engines, although small (Circa 2-16hp), are highly advanced fuel injected Wankel rotaries employing many advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. Cubewano is a rapidly expanding business that currently employs 16 people who work as a close team within a friendly and fun atmosphere. The products are very high technology high value engines primarily used in military applications; there is a high emphasis on intellectual property, technology and corporate infrastructure.
The role:
The successful applicant will have three distinct responsibilities.
The successful applicant would be expected to demonstrate competence in the following areas:-
1. Engine Building
a. Basic knowledge of fundamentals (Wankel experience not expected)
b. Appreciation of cleanliness
c. Openness to new technologies and methodologies
2. Engine Testing
a. Meticulous attention to detail
b. Sensitivity to abnormalities (audible/visual)
c. Understanding of basic test objectives
d. Apply instrumentation according to test objectives
3. Test Reporting
a. Accurate written reporting supported by pictorial and illustrated evidence
b. Correlate test data and review with respect to objectives
c. Ability to make fact based recommendations
d. Coherent communications with management and other key departments

We employ a cross functional team environment which means you will see a project through from manufacturing, inspection, assembly, testing and finally delivery and support to the customer. Many of our customers are overseas so there may be an amount of overseas travel required.
Your Experience / Skills
The ideal candidate will currently be building engines, installing in test cells and running the engines collecting relevant data. Responsibilities would also include instrumenting the engine and setting up the test cell prior to running a test.
1. Good R&D / Motorsport powertrain background
2. Understanding of engine and engineering basics
3. Dyno/Test cell experience
4. Experience of ECU mapping/calibration
5. Experience building engines and ancillaries
6. Degree, OND, ONC, C&G or equivalents advantageous
7. Engine electrical knowledge
8. PC competence including use of MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel
9. Valid Passport
10. Valid Driving licence


The person:
Self motivated with an ability to see what needs doing and do it right. You should be able to communicate with and participate in small group environments. Attention to detail is essential whilst being able to plan ahead and keep sight of the bigger picture. Good at problem solving with an ability to work to deadlines that must not be missed.

Salary Range:
The salary for this post will be commensurate with the capabilities and qualific

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