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Role: Design Engineer
Date Posted: Tuesday 4 February 2020
As a design engineer at Creactive you will study, research and develop ideas for new products and the systems used to make them, modify existing products or processes to increase efficiency or improve performance using computer-aided design (CAD) SOLIDWORKS.

• Develop design specification from client brief.
• Discern information from British and European standards.
• Produce conceptual design solutions.
• Material selection, familiar with attributes of common materials (Steels, aluminium alloys, common polymers), surface treatments and finishes. Understand material properties as described on technical data sheets.
• Design embodiment based on manufacturing processes (Moulding, casting, bulk forming, sheet forming etc…)
• SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modelling (Parts, Assemblies, Weldments, Sheet Metal)
• Bill of Material creation
• Read and produce engineering prototype/ production drawings.
• Value engineering.
• Reverse engineering.
• Feasibility reports
• Lateral problem solving
• Product specification
• Client liaison
• Sourcing suppliers and supplier liaison
• Development of new products
• Prototype / Production assembly
Your Experience / Skills
The ideal candidate will have:

• Experience with 3D mechanical design using SOLIDWORKS platform.

• Experience in creation of 2D manufacturing drawings.

• Experience with taking products from design to manufacture.


Degree or equivalent in mechanical design / engineering

Salary Range:
On Application


Design Consultancy

Placement Type:

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