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Role: Product Development Engineer
Date Posted: Tuesday 4 July 2017
- Reporting directly to the Senior Technical Manager.
- Responsible (with the support of the Senior Technical Manager) for the following:
- Conceiving, designing, developing and handing over new products from concept to production in support of business development strategy;
- Developing improvements to existing products to meet continuous improvement objectives;
- Using design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) and failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) to optimise designs for production and demonstrate their robustness in use;
- Analysing and verifying designs by appropriate calculation and computer assisted methods (e.g. FEA).
- Specifying and supervising of test and evaluation samples and product prototypes;
- Validating of product designs by testing using in-house facilities or third parties with leadership and supervision of resources assigned to such tasks;
- Compiling reports of analytical or test methods, results, supporting data and conclusions;
- Preparing of data, methods and instructions to support the Technical Department’s on-going activities in support of production products;
- Preparing product and system specification drawings and documentation including critical to function and critical to quality annotation to support business Operations Department functions;
- Preparing of product data and drawings / images to support sales and marketing efforts for new and improved products;
- Preparing parametric CAD models and rules to assist in the implementation of DriveWorks applications;
- Producing and maintaining DriveWorks applications to facilitate the design and definition of product instances within the defined rules and parameters of product systems;
- Liaising with members of other departments, suppliers, customers and other external bodies to facilitate the above; and
- Collaborating with the management of the business to proactively contribute to continuous improvement.
Your Experience / Skills
Ideally, the candidate should:
- Have experience with SOLIDWORKS EPDM;
- Have experience of product testing and electronic test data capture (data logging) and interpretation; and
- Have experience of new product development (NPD), new product introduction (NPI) and project management.

The successful candidate must:
- Have appropriate engineer qualifications (preferably a degree in an applicable engineering discipline) and / or experience;
- Have demonstrable experience of practical design for manufacture and assembly;
- Be a self-starter able to work alone on own initiative or in a team;
- Be pragmatic and flexible to the requirements of the job in hand with good judgement of requirements;
- Be capable of innovation when required;
- Be a competent SOLIDWORKS user, preferably with a working knowledge of Sheet Metal functionality, SOLIDWORKS Simulation or similar FEA package and DriveWorks;
- Be capable of producing engineering drawings and documentation to a good standard.
- Be mathematically capable and computer literate;


Preferably a degree in an applicable engineering discipline

Salary Range:
Up to £35,000

Brandesburton, Driffield

Chassis Manufacturer

Placement Type:

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