Lesson Agenda
Introduction: - About This Course | Use of Colour | Graphics & OpenGL

Lesson 1 User Interface: - The first lesson of this course introduces the user to the principal components of the DraftSight user interface and helps them to customise the workspace and toolbars for the best experience.

Lesson 2: View Commands - Lesson 2 introduces the user into the view commands, and moving freely around the drawing at ease. Creating named views for layouts and drawing boundaries.

Lesson 3: Coordinates - In lesson 3 of the course the user will learn how to set up a custom coordinate system. Pull out a range of information relating to drawing entities. Define units, length and angle types. They will also learn how to use entity snaps use coordinates for entity creation.

Lesson 4: Creating a Simple Drawing - There are some standard tools and features that are essentials for the development of any CAD Design, and lesson 4 includes these. Such as understanding how to create lines, rectangles, and circles and connecting one entity to another.

Lesson 5: Modifying Entities - In lesson 5 the user will learn and use a range of tools for the modification of blocks and entities within drawings.

Lesson 6: Properties and Layers - Layers provide organisation to a drawing. Entities in separate layers overlay on one another to provide a complete drawing. In this lesson, the user will learn how to make effective use of layers for their own drawings.

Lesson 7: Dimensions - Lesson 7 focusses on familiarising the user with dimensions, which are a vital part to most design drawings. By using dimensions, it is possible to realise a clear and complete description of a design.

Lesson 8: Text - Upon successful completion of lesson 8 the user will understand how to add and create a text style and employ the style to meet relevant design requirements.

Lesson 9: Blocks - In lesson 9 the user is encouraged to utilize all available tools to edit and make blocks.

Lesson 10: Printing - Lesson 10 focuses on Printing and print configurations, teaching the user how the best method based on requirements. Ranging from Quick print to batch printing and export versions.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: None (can use a Windows PC)

Description: DraftSight has a familiar user interface and a minimal learning curve that facilitates an easy transition from your current CAD application.

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