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CAMWorks: 3 AXIS


Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: CAMWorks Basics & User Interface - Upon successful completion of this lesson, attendees will understand the process for creating and post-processing toolpaths for CAMWorks 3 axis operations.

Lesson 2: Multi-Surface Features - Lesson 2 will focus on inserting multi-surface features using a variety of methods. Attendees will also learn how to control the generated toolpath using the Rest Machining and how to define the automatic contain area.

Lesson 3: Avoid and Contain Areas, toolpath limits - The contain and avoid areas will be explored to control the tool path. Control of the XY and Z extents of a toolpath with Rest Machining settings will also be investigated.

Lesson 4: Inserting operations, common Operation Parameters - Upon successful completion of this lesson, attendees will be able to identify options related to 3 axis toolpath generation. They will be able to identify the operation parameters and insert operations from the numerous types available.

Lesson 5: Area Clearance and Z Level Operation Parameters - Lesson 5 focuses on the area clearance operation command and attendees will learn the pattern types which are available to them. A number of parameters will be explored that are involved in Flat Area and Z Level operations.

Lesson 6: Pattern Project - Lesson 6 will demonstrate how to insert and adjust the parameters of a pattern project operation along with how to program the various pattern types. The curve wizard will be used to define the curve geometry for Flowline curves.

Lesson 7: Constant Stepover - Attendees will define a Constant Stepover operation and learn the parameters which they are able to adjust. Modify Pass options will be explored along with Direction Control.

Lesson 8: Pencil Mill - The Pencil Mill operation will be introduced in this lesson. Attendees will gain an understanding of the adjustable parameters and the pattern types available. Curve project operation parameters will also be covered.

Lesson 9: Curve Project - Lesson 9 will see users define a Curve Project operation and modify the parameters.

Lesson 10: 3 Axis Undercut - Upon successful completion of this lesson, attendees will be able to utilise two methods to create an undercut on a multi-surface feature.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training, SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional , Experience with SOLIDWORKS Design Software & Experience with CNC Machining

Description: This course is intended to teach the user how to use CAMWorks to create 3 axis toolpaths for the machining of 3D Parts.

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