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Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: Turning Basics - Lesson 1 gives users a quick recap of the turning fundamentals covered in the SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional course, before developing and expanding their knowledge further.

Lesson 2: Sub Spindle Turning - Lesson 2 looks in detail at the setup of a Mill turn machine giving strong consideration of the sub spindle and the setup parameters. This is expanded on with the setup of a part and toolpaths to machine a component using the sub spindle.

Lesson 3: Multi Turret Turning - Lesson 3 considers more advanced setups on a mill turn machine and reviews the setup and definition of toolpaths where multi turrets and multi spindles are used.

Lesson 4: Advanced Turning - Lesson 4 develops further on the previous lessons to cover some of the more advanced turning operations including the use of the B axis both incrementally and continuously, revolved section planes, approach and retract options.

Lesson 5: Mill Turn Basics - Lesson 5 shows a user the fundamentals of generating milling and turning toolpaths within CAMWorks using a single turret/single spindle machine bringing together both milling and turning applications. This goes from machine and stock definition through to defining and adding toolpaths.

Lesson 6: Mill Turn Advanced - Lesson 6 walks through the machining of a component using both the main and sub spindles of a Mill Turn Machine. Furthermore, the operations applied will review wrapped features, B axis milling operations as well as multi axis operations.

Lesson 7: Assembly Mode - Lesson 7 show is the process of creating a CAM setup utilising SOLIDWORKS assembly files. This allows users to explore the machine definition within CAMWorks with the use of additions chuck/fixture parts and how to define these with the machine and toolpath setups.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard, SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional, Experience with SOLIDWORKS Design Software & Experience with CNC Machining

Description: This course will cover in depth the setup and use of feature for a mill turn setup and how to combine milling and turning within CAMWorks, expanding on the knowledge learnt during the courses listed as pre-requisites.
  • Mill turn Machine setups
  • Definition of Stock, Target and Fixture coordinate systems and Clamps/fixtures
  • Definition of operations of milling and turning operations using both Main and sub spindles
  • B Axis Milling
  • Wrapped toolpaths
  • Multi axis operations
  • Tooling setup including Gang tooling
  • Prime Turning

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