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Geomagic Design X


Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: Introduction, User Interface & Navigation - In the first lesson of this course you will learn Design X terminology and practice navigating the user interface.

Lesson 2: Modelling without mesh - In lesson 2, users will discover how to make use of the parametric features that are used to build models as well as understand the feature tree.

Lesson 3: Modelling from mesh data - In lesson 3, the user will learn how to import scan data into a session to useas a reference for modelling building on the previous lesson.

Lesson 4: Region editing - In lesson 4, the user will be taught what 'Region Segmentation' is and how they are used to interact with the mesh data.

Lesson 5: Alignment - Lesson 5 gives the user an understanding of different methods of aligning individual scans to each other.

Lesson 6: Scan registration - In lesson 6, the user will become familiar with how best to align their scan data to the XYZ axis of the model space and understand why this is a crucial step.

Lesson 7: Scan Preparation - This lesson will explore some of the editing tools that we have available to edit, clean up and repair imported scan data.

Lesson 8: Live transfer - Following on from the previous lesson, lesson 4 will show the user how to use Live Transfer to recreate the model in SOLIDWORKS complete with feature tree.

Lesson 9: Freeform surfacing - Lesson 9 focuses on how the user can extract surfaces directly from scan data.

Lesson 10: Auto Surfacing - This lesson guides the user through all the necessary stages of required to generate a successful auto surface.

Lesson 11: Optional Modelling practice - The final lesson of this course allows the user to further practice all the skills and techniques learnt in previous lesson. (Final Lesson dependant on time).
Course Details
Length: 3 Days

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
  • Basic experience with SOLIDWORKS
Description: Our Geomagic DX training is a three-day course covering the different modelling techniques to create models based on scan data in Geomagic DX software.

The training will cover the following topics:
  • User Interface
  • Modelling tools and general features
  • Selection techniques and region editing
  • Scan data editing
  • Alignment and scan registration
  • Modelling from scan data
  • Freeform surfacing and Auto Surfacing
  • Transferring data into SOLIDWORKS

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