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AbiCAD Limited

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD has not only enabled AbiCAD to comply with new Building Information Modelling (BIM) legislation, it has resulted in expanded business services they offer to clients, leading to project wins and ensuing increases in revenue.

About AbiCAD Limited

AbiCAD have been providing a specialist service for building envelope detailing since 1997. The team produce precise, reliable and iconic commercial roofing and glazing. Using their inherent knowledge of material and manufacturing limitations, they have successfully completed a number of large projects of renowned structures, including the detailing of the prestigious moving roof of Wembley Stadium, the exterior designs of many branches of McDonalds restaurants and most recently the development of the curved facades of the new Volkswagen Financial Headquarters.


No two buildings are ever completely the same, therefore each project AbiCAD undertake is unique. The great variations of building designs involve complex roofing and architectural elements that AbiCAD model and produce material scheduling for manufacture. Project development begins when building information is received from other construction teams, such as architects. The challenge is to integrate this data in order to create the distinctive and varying designs required by each customer. Collaborating on building projects demands great precision – engineers have to ensure secure, accurate interface of elements and produce material schedules that are right, first time – mistakes on a construction level can be costly. An added trial for the company is the introduction of a new legislation to the industry by the Government. Required to be enforced by 2016, BIM models will have to be in 3D and there must be an ability to share data with all project teams. AbiCAD have previously been designing and producing documentation entirely in 2D with all projects based in AutoCAD.


Since implementing SOLIDWORKS, AbiCAD have experienced improvements in collaborative abilities. Data files received at project commencement are generally STEP and IFC formats which SOLIDWORKS then handles effortlessly. The files are imported and the cladding or roofing design takes place directly with the received models, in one CAD environment. 3D design has greatened project understanding and increased the engineer’s assurance in the precision of the projects. One of AbiCAD’s specialised service offerings involves the production of material schedules. SOLIDWORKS delivers beneficial capabilities to satisfy this need, particularly in the production of manufacturing drawings. Improvements in the design process have been experienced by clients as well, with the provision of 3D PDFs and visualisations allowing AbiCAD to offer enriched services that eliminate any production ambiguity that the client may have. Additional process enhancements have resulted from SOLIDWORKS sheet metal functionality, which has in some cases eliminated the need for drawings through the direct integration of model information with the manufacturing software.


  • Experienced an increase in client base through the expansion of business services
  • Now able to offer a more complex solution which will drive revenue
  • Ahead of schedule for new Government BIM strategy

AbiCAD Limited




Products Used
SolidWorks CAD

Previous CAD
AutoCAD, Revit

“Other packages weren’t able to meet our requirements for both design capabilities and manufacture documentation. It is essential that we have the confidence to build it right, first time, and SOLIDWORKS gives us that confidence.”
Richard Treadwell

 Solid Solutions | Trimech Group