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Student Access Initiative

SOLIDWORKS Student Access offers a range of solutions to SOLIDWORKS Education Edition customers – giving them the freedom to get SOLIDWORKS into student’s hands. Discover more below and review the SOLIDWORKS Student Access Product Matrix to determine the right solution.

Subscription service required for Student Engineering Kit (SEK) & Student Design Kit (SDK); Network License Borrowing available to both subscription and non-subscription service customers.


Student Engineering Kit (SEK)

Requirements: EDU Accounts with > 100 seats
Subscription Required: Yes
Expiry: 12 months, needs re-requesting each year (and subscription must have been renewed)
Registration Process: NEW REGISTRATIONS- Please ask your reseller/account manager to fill out the application form via Student Activation Form - after approval, SOLIDWORKS send a new serial number for us to pass onto you- this serial key should then be given to the students. Students use this key for installation, and then activate the software to gain full functionality- otherwise without activation they only get a 30 day trial. Activations are capped at the number of licenses you have on campus. NOTE if you have applied for an SEK serial key in the past, Solid Solutions can provide a reminder of the key- you do not need to reapply.
Functionality: Exactly same as the full EDU version- i.e. all Simulation add on products
Media: Download the Student Engineering Kit by completing the Student Access Form. You can then copy the full download on your network for students to access.
You can also buy DVD media kits, please ask you account manager for costs. The unique serial key discussed above is then needed during installation.

Student Design Kit (SDK)

Requirements: EDU Account with 45-100 seats
Subscription Required: Yes
Expiry: 12 months, needs re-requesting each year (and subscription must have been renewed)
Registration Process: Every student that wants the home edition SDK must complete the Student Access Form and fill in the application form. Once the application is complete, the student will be given access to the download, but will also be sent a unique serial number to their own email address (as used in the application form). They then complete the download and install using this serial number. There is no limit on how machine SDKs are requested.
Functionality: SOLIDWORKS Standard (no add ins i.e. PhotoView rendering)
Media: Download the Student Design Kit by completing the Student Access Form to obtain your unique serial number and then the software. DVD Media Kits can be purchased from Solid Solutions, please contact your SOLIDWORKS account manager for prices.

Student Edition

Requirements: Affiliation and proof of enrolment at academic institute
Subscription Required: n/a
Expiry: 12 months after initial activation
Means of Registering: Students visit Studica and buy online.
Functionality: Exactly same as the full EDU version- i.e. Flow, Sim Premium etc
Media: Disc and download link provided after the sale.
NOTE: Solid Solutions are not involved at all with this particular student version

Additional Information & Resources for Students

SOLIDWORKS Technical Support

Technical Support

We do not provide direct technical support to students (only lecturers and IT staff).

Students can request online support directly to SOLIDWORKS by filling in the Support Request Form.

SOLIDWORKS Webcast Wednesday

Webcast Wednesday

Webcast Wednesday are free bite-size SOLIDWORKS training sessions available to all customers on subscription. Webcasts run every Wednesday at 11am and 3pm. Try one soon to increase your efficiency.

My Solid Solutions Free SOLIDWORKS Training


MySolidSolutions is our online training resource that you can access at your convenience. Search content including Webcast Wednesday recordings, Technical Documents, Tips & Tricks videos and our Blog.



One Place To Connect, Discover and Share Everything SOLIDWORKS. MySOLIDWORKS helps you find answers to your questions by leveraging the power of the SOLIDWORKS Community and Support resources.

SOLIDWORKS Certification Program

SOLIDWORKS Certification

Students are encouraged to get involved in the SOLIDWORKS Certification program to stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.

SOLIDWORKS System Requirements

System Requirements

Up-to-date recommended system requirements for running SOLIDWORKS. Ensure you are always working with a SOLIDWORKS supported and optimised system for hardware, operating system and Microsoft products.

Get System Requirement Advice


The SOLIDWORKS Web help is an online version of the complete SOLIDWORKS help files including all What's New user manuals. Powerful search capabilities and comprehensive content make this a really helpful resource.

Go To SOLIDWORKS Help Portal
SOLIDWORKS Hardware Advice

Hardware Advice

Selecting hardware to run SOLIDWORKS can be a challenging exercise. Where should you invest your money? Our expert technical team have created a comprehensive guide to help you select the right workstation to your needs.

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