Upgrade and Development Program (UDP)

Reduce the burden of your SOLIDWORKS Upgrade and ensure your team are on top of their game with the SOLIDWORKS Upgrade and Development Program. [CALL-TO-ACTION]

Empower your designers and engineers to work more efficiently and productively

This program has been specifically designed to to service our customers who need support with the annual upgrade of their software or who desire to push their team to achieve exceptional performance in their roles.

Solid Solutions' engineers take end-to-end ownership of your software upgrade, thus reducing risk and enabling your team to remain productive throughout the update process. Whether you only use SOLIDWORKS, if you also use PDM, or any of the other additional products we supply, we can tailor this program to meet your needs. For complex upgrades the program will include a test phase to ensure that your configuration and customization will work with the new release, ahead of the on-site upgrade of all installed SOLIDWORKS & PDM products on both server and client machines. The upgrade process can be completed with a ‘What’s New’ session to maximise the return from your upgrade and ongoing SOLIDWORKS Subscription

The SOLIDWORKS Upgrade and Development Program also includes an additional 2 credits worth of on-site user development sessions which include:

  • Technical Audit - Design
  • Health Check
  • SOLIDWORKS User Skills Assessment
  • What's New Catch Up
  • Large Assembly Advice
  • Best Practice - Design Team
  • Best Practice - CAD Managers
  • Strategic Value Assessment
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Support Day

Get in touch now to find out more or discuss how we can cater to your own specific requirements.

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