API Fundamentals


Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: Using the Macro Recorder - The first lesson will teach users how a macro starts and connects to the SOLIDWORKS Software by using the macro recorder to view SOLIDWORKS API commands.

Lesson 2: The API Object Model - In this lesson users will create a new macro to include a graphical interface which will allow users to interact with the code whilst running a macro. Users will add commands from the SOLIDWORKS API Library to be used within controls of the graphical interface.

Lesson 3: Setting System Options and Document Properties - In Lesson 3, the user will be modifying system options and document properties via the API to allow users to automate the changing of settings based upon their needs.

Lesson 4: Automating Part Design - On successful completion of lesson 4, the user will learn about Part creation around rules to prevents error and allow for rules based modelling to drive models, eliminating modelling mistakes from users.

Lesson 5: Assembly Automation - Lesson 5 covers automating assembly procedures such as translate components, traversing faces of components and mating components together.

Lesson 6: Drawing Automation - In Lesson 6, the user will learn important drawing API commands such as drawing sheet selection on multiple sheets, inserting drawing views on the specified sheets, adding annotations and dimensions and saving drawing files to different formats.

Lesson 7: Selection and Traversal Techniques - This lesson will cover the various different detailing and dimensioning tools that can be used to communicate more information about a model view.

Lesson 8: Adding Custom Properties and Attributes - In Lesson 8, users will learn how to Add, edit and remove Custom Properties to all file types. This will also cover traversing the model to find attributes and get or set their parameters.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days

This course begins by introducing the Macro Recorder before going on to look at programming system options, document properties and adding customer properties. Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to program part, assembly and drawing automation.

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