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SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Agenda

Length: 3 days

Prerequisites: A sound knowledge of the Windows explorer environment.
A basic knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS user interface is useful but not a requirement

Description: The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the successful use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The intended audience for this course is anyone who will manage files with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and will setup and/or administer SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.


About This Course | Windows 7

Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS Basics User Interface:

The Fundamentals of PDM | What is SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional? | SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Overview | SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Modules | SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Components

Lesson 2: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional User Interface

Case Study: Exploring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Lesson 3: Document Creation and Check In

Case Study: Checking in Documents
Case Study: Checking in Documents with References
Advanced Document Check In

Lesson 4: Versioning Files

Case Study: Versioning Files

Lesson 5: File References

Case Study: File References
Case Study: Copy File and References

Lesson 6: Searching PDM Professional

Case Study: Search

Lesson 7: Workflow and Notification

Case Study: Workflow
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Workflow

Lesson 8: Managing Local Cache

Lesson 9: Working in SOLIDWORKS

Case Study: Versioning Files
Versioning SOLIDWORKS Files

Appendix A: Working with Bill of Materials

Case Study: Modify a Computed BOM
Case Study: Create and Modify a Named BOM
Bill of Materials (BOM)

Lesson 10: Installation Planning

Planning for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional | The Planning Process | Training Scenario | The Installation Process

Lesson 11: The Administration Tool

Case Study: Create a New File Vault
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Administration Tool | Creating a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional File Vault | Create a Local File Vault View | Setup Overview

Lesson 12: Users and Groups

Case Study: Creating Users
Case Study: Create a New Group
Users | Groups

Lesson 13: Folder Card Creation

Case Study: Design a Folder Data Card
Data Cards | Anatomy of a Data Card

Lesson14: File and Search Cards

Case Study: Design a File Data Card
Case Study: Design a Search Data Card
Importing Data Cards

Lesson 15: Column and Bill of Materials (BOM) Views

Case Study: Column and BOM
Columns | Bill Of Material

Lesson 16: Workflow

Case Study: Create Categories
Case Study: Create New Workflows
Case Study: Create New Revision Schemes
Case Study: CAD Files Revision Scheme
Categories | Revisions

Lesson 17: Notifications and Tasks

Case Study: Assign Notifications
Case Study: Convert Task

Lesson 18: Folder Templates

Case Study: Folder Template

Lesson 19: File Templates

Case Study: File Template

Lesson 20: Vault Backup

Backing Up File Vaults

Appendix A: File Types and Settings

File Types
User Settings

Appendix B: Data Import/Export

Case Study: Alias Set
Case Study: Export Rule
Case Study: Import Rule
Import and Export ERP Data

Appendix C: Toolbox Setup

Appendix D: Routing Setup

Appendix E: CircuitWorks Setup