SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

DriveWorks Professional Training Agenda

Length: 3 days

Prerequisites: Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and preferably Attended our Essentials & Drawings course. A basic understanding of common Excel formulas but not essential. Proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows. This training manual requires both DriveWorks Pro Administrator and SOLIDWORKS to be installed. SOLIDWORKS 2014 SP0 or higher is required. Microsoft Office 2010 or above.

Description: It is the Essential Training for any customer that has purchased DriveWorks Professional. This training manual is intended to give hands-on proficiency in DriveWorks Pro Administrator. Upon successful completion you will be able to: • Drive SOLIDWORKS part and assembly geometry with DriveWorks Pro. • Create DriveWorks Pro user forms and link them to the models. • Modify a Drawing appearance based on rules. • Create Documents based on rules. • Link DriveWorks to external data. • Set up Teams and Users. • Modify the flow of file generation.

Lesson 1 - Creating a Group and Capturing Models

Creating a Group and Capturing Models Create a new Group to store your data. Capture basic Part and Assembly information ready for automation.

Lesson 2 - Building a user interface in DriveWorks Administrator

Create a new Project for your Forms and Rules. Create a User Interface to enter new product data. Use the Rule Builder to create and validate rules.

Lesson 3 - Building Rules

Use Constants to store static values. Use Variables to evaluate re-usable rules. Build rules for the Captured Models.

Lesson 4 - Running your Project

Use your forms to specify new Pressure Vessels. Generate variations of the 3D models in SOLIDWORKS. Use the inbuilt reporting to validate your results.

Lesson 5 - File names and relative path rules

Update File Name rules to drive the names of new models. Update Relative Path rules to drive the location of new models. Use both rules to create Project specific and standard file naming

Lesson 6 - Static replacement files

Swap components in your assembly for other components. Use option Groups and pictures on your forms.

Lesson 7 - Using tables

Manually create tabular data in DriveWorks. Import tabular data from Microsoft Excel. Use tabular data in your rules.

Lesson 8 - Form navigation

Add more Forms to your Project. Set up a Form Navigation with dynamic decisions. Copy and Paste Controls from one Form to another.

Lesson 9 - Dynamic replacement files

Add more component sets to your Project. Swap these component sets for existing models. Drive these component sets based on rules.

Lesson 10 - Documents

Drive Microsoft Word files based on rules. Drive Microsoft Excel files based on rules.

Lesson 11 - Drawings

Capture a SOLIDWORKS Drawing in DriveWorks. Drive the Drawing based on rules.

Lesson 12 - Enhancing forms

Enhance your forms using Static and Dynamic properties. Use advanced Form Controls.

Lesson 13 - Specification control

Change Specification Settings to control the name and location of your Specifications. Set Specification Properties to control the columns you see in the Specification Explorer. Change the Specification Flow to control who creates what and when.

Lesson 14 - Linking to Data

Use external data in a Table. Query external data directly in a rule or Form Control. Export data back to an external database based on rules.