SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

SOLIDWORKS Premium-Non-Linear Training Agenda

Length: 1 days


This Simulation module focuses on the three branches of nonlinear analysis:

Nonlinear Material behaviour (rubbers and composites), Non Linear Geometric conditions (large displacements) and Nonlinear contact considerations. Many structures behave in a non linear way, this could be the material properties or materials behaving beyond the yield point. The Non Linear module is part of the Simulation Premium add on product.

Topics Covered - Geometric Nonlinearities

Large displacements problems | Large strain formulation

Topics Covered - Material Nonlinearities

Nonlinear elasticity | Hyperelasticity (Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden) | Plasticity (von Mises, isotropic/kinematic/mixed hardening rules) | Temperature dependent material properties | Visco-elasticity and creep

Topics Covered - Contact (Boundary) Nonlinearities

3D nonlinear gap/contact analysis (with or without material nonlinearities)

Topics Covered - Numerical Procedures

Solution control techniques (force, displacement, and Arc-Length controls) | Equilibrium Iterations schemes (Newton-Raphson, modified Newton-Raphson) | Termination schemes (convergence and divergence criteria)

Topics Covered - Special Topics

Adaptive automatic stepping algorithm | Prescribed non-zero displacements associated with time curves | Deformation dependent loading | Analysis stabilization techniques

Topics Covered - Viewing the Results

Deflected shape plots | Displacement and stress color filled contour plots | Animation of deflected shape, displacement, and stress contour plots | X-Y plots for response quantities Isoplanes and sectioning