Lesson Agenda
Introduction: - About This Course | Windows 7 | Use of Colour

Lesson 1 – Add-in Application - The first lesson of this course teaches the user how to create an Inspection project using the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in application. The user will learn how to extract characteristics from a drawing and view and modify Inspection characteristics, and finally create an Inspection report.

Lesson 2 – Standalone Application - Lesson 2 introduces the SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone application, it covers all aspects of Lesson 1 as well as how to customise Inspection report templates.

Lesson 3 - SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional - In Lesson 3 the user will learn about the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional. They will learn how to add measured values to an Inspection project; manually and directly using digital callipers. Finally the user will be taught how to import measured values from a coordinate measuring machine as well as how to create an Inspection report.
Course Details
Length: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Mechanical design experience,
Experience with the Windows operating system


Teaches you how to use the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Automation software to create ballooned drawings and inspection reports.

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