SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard Training Agenda

Length: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Experience navigating around the Windows Operating System.

Description: This course will teach key functionality within SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard (included with SOLIDWORKS Professional) to attendees. Through the use of examples attendees will learn how to import models, manage appearances, control lighting, textures, ground reflections, add decals and much more.

Lesson 1: User Interface Overview

This lesson will teach users how to start a new project and navigate through the basic functionality within the software in order to produce a basic render.

Lesson 2: Getting Started

This case study guides course attendees through the rendering ‘workflow’ in greater detail. Close attention is paid to the settings allowing users to importing models, assign and manage appearances, set up and adjust lights and finally explains the settings related to creating the final rendered image.

Lesson 3: Appearance Mapping & Customisation

The aim of this lesson is to investigate all of the relevant parameters related to the appearance of our models in the rendered image. Specifically, attendees will study transparent or texture based appearances and how to add and position decals.

Lesson 4: Cameras Scenes & Final Output Settings

Fine tuning all of the things around the model is often as important as the model itself. This lesson will explain environments, lighting, cameras and floor effects (shadows or reflections) in detail. To finish the course the final output settings will be recapped and clarified further.