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3D Output for Rapid Prototyping

Directly output 3D model information for rapid prototyping by using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to improve productivity whilst decreasing costs and accelerating your time-to-market.

SOLIDWORKS allows you to rapidly start producing, real, three-dimensional products by providing direct output of your 3D model data in *.STL and various other file formats for fast prototype equipment.


Key Features

Features of 3D Output for Rapid Prototyping include:
  • Transfer out directly in *.STL file format
  • Adjust export quality to control file size and output quality
  • Export assemblies as a solo *.STL part
  • Produce parts and assemblies that contain simulation response (for example, stress levels) with the result that prototypes show levels as colours in the model
You can make use of rapid prototyping applications using products from SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Solution partners.

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