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Can I create plastic parts in SOLIDWORKS?
Rapidly produce plastic and cast parts

Create and develop plastic part designs, ensuring they meet aesthetic, performance and manufacturing requirements.

SOLIDWORKS 3D Design software allows you to rapidly produce plastic and cast part designs which meet both product performance and manufacturing requirements. A wide range of design tools help you create plastic and cast parts of varying complexity with integrated design features which allow for the part to be successfully moulded and manufactured.

Whether in the consumer products or the aeronautical industry plastic and cast parts are essential in producing successful product designs.

SOLIDWORKS offers fully integrated plastic, cast part and mould design tools to allow for design validation: draft, thickness and undercuts can all be monitored to check for suitable geometry for moulding. Photorealistic rendering tools produce “real life” images of models allowing you to communicate your designs effectively.

Mould design features such as shrinkage compensation, parting surfaces, and mould splitting accelerate the mould design process. With moulds generated from the original 3D model SOLIDWORKS ensures any amendments made to the model are automatically updated within the mould. This automatic associativity guarantees your solid model is always accurately reflected within in your mould.

Furthermore mould-filling simulations using SOLIDWORKS Plastics show how melted plastic will flow during the injection moulding process to predict manufacturing-related defects on parts and moulds, allowing for fast part and potential manufacturability evaluation throughout the design process.
Key Features
Plastic and cast part design tools include:
  • Shell tool for ensuring uniform wall thickness
  • Draft tool to add proper draft for mould extraction
  • Fillet tool to create even the most complex fillets
  • Tools to check draft, undercuts, thickness and surface characteristics like curvature
  • Rib tool for adding stiffening ribs
  • Complex surfacing tools to create and edit complex geometry, including stylish, curve-continuous (C2) surfaces
  • Special purpose tools, including wrap tools
  • Design for hardware-less assembly using Fastener Features, including Mounting Boss, Snap Hook & Groove, and Lip/Groove
  • Vent design tool to plan for air flow cooling

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