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What PDM software is there for SOLIDWORKS?
Standard, Professional & Manage
SOLIDWORKS PDM comes in two core packages; PDM Standard and PDM Professional. The recent release of SOLIDWORKS Manage builds upon the functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with a comprehensive set of project management tools.
The SOLIDWORKS product data management (PDM) packages help you get a handle on your engineering design documents. You can securely gather and index data for instant retrieval, eradicate version control problems and data loss. All PDM offerings are tightly integrated into SOLIDWORKS allowing your team to focus on design and innovation instead of time consuming administration.
Highly Productive Data Management
SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a new data management solution for smaller workgroup environments in one geographic location. Included with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium.
Powered by Microsoft SQL Server
The ultimate file management tool, manage files effectively, easily access, share and repurpose files, parts and drawings. Create automated workflows and ensure manufacturing always has the correct file version.
Quality Performance
SOLIDWORKS Manage is a comprehensive set of project management tools designed to build upon the functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

PDM Webcast Series

6 Golden Rules of SOLIDWORKS File Management
Broadcast Date: 15 Feb
Webinar Overview
When modelling in SOLIDWORKS, before you know it, you will have created lots of parts, assembly and drawing files, so it’s important to think about how you will manage these files and keep everything organised. In this webinar we discussed the ‘6 Golden Rules’ of managing your SOLIDWORKS files using Windows Explorer and recommended methods for file naming, structuring your projects and managing revisions.
Why should you look to implement a Professional CAD Data Management System?
Broadcast Date: 22 Feb
Webinar Overview
Managing your SOLIDWORKS files/data manually using Windows Explorer can be done, but it does have its limitations. As products develop, assemblies become larger with more and more complex data sets. There is no fixed marker of when you should look to implement more secure and professional management systems, some say from the start, but there are indicators.
Broadcast Date: 01 Mar
Webinar Overview
Our next webinar in a series looking at managing CAD data we explored the key reasons companies choose to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. Understand how you may develop your data management in the future with an upgrade to PDM Professional.
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Manage
Broadcast Date: 8 Mar
Webinar Overview
Our penultimate webinar in our series looking at managing CAD data we explore SOLIDWORKS Manage, the powerful tool for managing CAD data, processes and project delivery. This set of advanced data management tools harness the file management capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adds powerful project, process and record management capabilities including interactive dashboards and reports.
SOLIDWORKS Data Management | Question & Answer Session
Broadcast Date: 15 Mar
Webinar Overview
Prasad Bhonsule and Graham Keating, two of Solid Solutions' PDM experts, answered questions around using managing SOLIDWORKS data. Our final live webinar in a series looking at managing CAD data
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