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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Packages

The comprehensive SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite allows you evaluate performance, improve quality and increase product innovation. Establish real-world scenarios to test products prior to manufacture for a wide range of parameters such as durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastic injection.

Simulation Standard

Perfect for SOLIDWORKS Standard or Pro users who require the benefits of Simulation (such as Linear Static Analysis, time based Motion and fatigue analysis) but in a more affordable simulation package.

Simulation Professional

Simulation Professional allows for advanced simulation. Evaluate issues such as product durability and natural frequencies as well as heat transfer, buckling and complex loading such as pressure vessel analysis.

Simulation Premium

Going beyond Simulation Professional, Simulation Premium ensures product robustness with tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic responses, dynamic loading and composite materials.

Discover SOLIDWORKS Premium


Simulation seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS Premium. Test for strength and safety, analyse the performance of assemblies, welded structures and sheet metal parts in real world scenarios.


With an intuitive user interface SOLIDWORKS Plastics can be quickly picked up and is fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS software allowing for designs to be modified and analysed at once.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Analyse products’ environmental impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability’s life cycle assessments. Compare material choices and monitor in real time their environmental consequences.

Flow Simulation - CFD

Efficiently simulate fluid flow, heat transfer and fluid forces. Driven by engineering goals, Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Flow - HVAC Module

The HVAC Design Module includes advanced radiation modeling, comfort parameters, and a large database of building materials to evaluate gas movement, temperature in working and living environments.

Flow - Electronic Cooling Module

The Electronics Cooling Module for Flow Simulation allows designers in the electronics industry to optimise the cooling strategy for electronic components concurrent to the design process.

TruForm SW

TruForm SW is an integrated simulation solution for SOLIDWORKS®, providing users with a powerful topology optimisation method within a simple and straightforward interface.