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SOLIDWORKS Webinars from Solid Solutions

Below you will find our upcoming schedule of live webinars. We have begun this year with the aim of helping you get the most out of 2021, improving your skills and confidence in SOLIDWORKS and benefiting from the technology available to you. Whether you are new to 3D CAD or an experienced user looking to keep up with the latest enhancements, you will find a webinar to help you gain that edge.

The live schedule will be updated regularly, so be sure to bookmark and check back for new listings. Previous, recorded webinars, can be found below the schedule as well as other content from around our site.

FAQs - Some common customer questions
How do I register for a webinar?

To register, simply follow the register button below each listing. This will take you to the registration page where you will complete the registration form. A confirmation email will then be sent.

I can't find my joining link?

You should have recieved a confirmation email from GoToWebinars with a joining link, an additional reminder email will be sent one day and one hour prior to the live broadcast. Please check your junk inbox as these can end up in there. If you still can't find your joining link, get in touch with our suppport desk and we will be able to provide you with a link.

Can I view a recording?

Recordings will be made available in the 'Recent Webcasts' section below. Typically, these are will be added to our website within 48 hours of the live broadcast. Please note, whilst the live broadcast is open to all, the recorded version may only be available to supported SOLIDWORKS customers of Solid Solutions depending on the content.

Who can register for a webcast?

Anyone can register to watch a live broadcast. The subsequent, recorded version, will be added to the site but may only be available to supported SOLIDWORKS customers of Solid Solutions.

I can't find the webinar I am after?

If there is a specific webinar you are after but can't find, please get in touch and we will find it and give you a link to the recording.

SOLIDWORKS Today - What's Changed?
29 Jan 11AM
Webinar Overview
Unsure what you are missing? Not convinced you are using SOLIDWORKS to its full capacity? Here, we run down the best SOLIDWORKS enhancements over the last few years from a users perspective. It may be that you are using an older version, or, you may have been working the same way in SOLIDWORKS for years without realising a new enhancement could dramatically reduce your design time.
The 5 Most Cost Effective Ways to 3D Print in 2021
1 Feb 4PM
Webinar Overview
Getting into 3D Printing is often thought to be costly, well it doesn't have to be. The emergence of new technologies, new printable materials and a maturing supply chain has widen the scope of 3D printing and reduced the cost.
COVID-19 Measures: Creating Technical Documents from CAD
3 Feb 2PM
Webinar Overview

With more people now working from home, face-to-face interactions are now a real-problem, so trying to undertake tasks commonly used to create and convey technical procedures can be tricky.

Here we show how SOLIDWORKS Composer helps you rise to these new challenges, by allowing you to repurpose your existing CAD data to create Instructions Manuals, Service Guides, Spares identification, and much more.

04 Feb 2PM
Webinar Overview
The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform gives SOLIDWORKS users a large set of tools, to help them be more collaborative, manage files securely, and keep track of projects, all within customisable dashboards. Come join us, as Prasad Bhonsule explores what the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can do for you.
Live Webinar with Lynn Allen: Can DraftSight REALLY replace AutoCAD?
04 Feb 7PM
Webinar Overview

Join Technology Evangelist and AutoCAD expert Lynn Allen as she explores DraftSight from the perspective of an AutoCAD user. From installation and exploring the familiar user interface to using key commands and features, Lynn will demonstrate how easy the transition to DraftSight can be.

Join the webinar and see how you can maintain the same level of productivity for a fraction of the price with DraftSight!

SOLIDWORKS 2021 - What's New Top 10
5 Feb 11AM
Webinar Overview
This is a great opportunity to see how the latest additions to the software can benefit your business and how you can personally capitalise upon them. The Customer Development team will guide you through the top 10 enhancements for SOLIDWORKS users and how you can use the these to improve your workflow.
Optimising Your Visuals for the Web
8 Feb 2PM
Webinar Overview
With the growth for online sales ever-increasing, and exacerbated by recent lockdowns, how do you ensure that your products are fully represented on your website?
Installing SOLIDWORKS 2021 - Best Practices
12 Feb 11AM
Webinar Overview
The next in our 'Getting the most out of SOLIDWORKS 2021' series we look at the installation process and admin best practices. At Solid Solutions we have done our fair share of SOLIDWORKS installs over the years and in this webinar we will share with you everything we have learnt.
6 Golden Rules of SOLIDWORKS File Management
15 Feb 2PM
Webinar Overview

When modelling in SOLIDWORKS, before you know it, you will have created lots of parts, assembly and drawing files, so it’s important to think about how you will manage these files and keep everything organised.

In this webinar we will discuss the ‘6 Golden Rules’ of managing your SOLIDWORKS files using Windows Explorer and recommended methods for file naming, structuring your projects and managing revisions.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 What's New - The Extra Bits
19 Feb 11AM
Webinar Overview
Following on from our earlier session covering the SOLIDWORKS 2021 Top 10, and last week's webinar looking at installation best practices, this webinar will take a further look at some of the more “under the hood” enhancements across the SOLIDWORKS portfolio in 2021.
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS PDM
22 Feb 2PM
Webinar Overview
Managing your SOLIDWORKS files/data manually using Windows Explorer can be done, but it does have its limitations. As products develop, assemblies become larger with more and more complex data sets. There is no fixed marker of when you should look to implement more secure and professional management systems, some say from the start, but there are indicators.
SOLIDWORKS 2022 - Sneak Peak!
26 Feb 11AM
Webinar Overview
To wrap up our series looking at 'Getting The Most Out Of 2021', we are going to take a sneak peak at what is to come in the 2022 release. Due to be in BETA testing later this year, we uncover the early indicators of what will be unveiled.
1 Mar 2PM
Webinar Overview
Our next webinar in a series looking at managing CAD data we explore the key reasons companies choose to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. Understand how you may develop your data management in the future with an upgrade to PDM Professional.
Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Manage
8 Mar 2PM
Webinar Overview
Our penultimate webinar in our series looking at managing CAD data we explore SOLIDWORKS Manage, the powerful tool for managing CAD data, processes and project delivery. This set of advanced data management tools harness the file management capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and adds powerful project, process and record management capabilities including interactive dashboards and reports.
SOLIDWORKS Data Management | Question & Answer Session
15 Mar 2PM
Webinar Overview
Join Prasad Bhonsule and Graham Keating, two of Solid Solutions' PDM experts, to ask questions around using managing SOLIDWORKS data. Our final live webinar in a series looking at managing CAD data
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