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PDM Professional - Foundation Implementation

Foundation is an implementation package for PDM Professional, developed and deployed by Solid Solutions Management.

The implementation package has been developed to  minimise the ‘Implementation Gap’ typically associated with the introduction of any new technology, rapidly gaining a return on their investment.

This is achieved through the delivery of a best in class ‘Out of the Box’ solution designed to address the immediate needs of our Customers whilst acting as a Foundation to be built upon should your requirements change.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Foundation
What you need to know…

Foundation takes just one day to deploy, combining both the server software installation, plus the creation and roll out of a single PDM Vault based on a pre-configured template.

Installation and deployment will be done hand in hand with your nominated Administrator and will include some basic training as the vault is localised to suit your company’s requirements.

What's included?

This package is based on the delivery of a preconfigured Vault which can be localised to your business as part of the deployment day.

Should your immediate requirements extend into the ‘Optional’ list below then please make your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) aware of this before placing an order, as any additional costs for add-on tools and consultancy time will need to be built into the project as early as possible.