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How can CAM help me Manufacture?
Our Metal Manufacturing Solutions
Using CAM directly in SOLIDWORKS can let you generate all the manufacturing information you need to produce the components you need. Some benefits include:
  • Accurately create complex toolpaths from the part geometry.
  • Automatic toolpath updates with part geometry changes.
  • The ability to simply swap between CNC machines.
  • Simulate toolpaths before machining to ensure perfect operation.
SOLIDWORKS CAM is also a great fit for those wanting to automate the manufacturing process to reduce the time to production.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is ideal for new starters to CAM who are wanting a hand held approach to applying toolpaths with inbuilt features to guide you along the machining process.

A few of SOLIDWORKS CAM's benefits are:
  • Easily allows automation through its feature recognition and technology database.
  • Great for new users to CAM with its simple four step workflow.
  • Ideal for use with PMI data as this is automatically recognised and modifies toolpaths to suit
What is SolidCAM?
SolidCAM is a comprehensive CAM Solution that can control simple 3 axis milling machines to multiaxis mill turn and swiss turn machines.

SolidCAM offers great flexibility for skilled machinists and production engineers with operation based approach that allows specific technologies to be used when the user wants.

With SolidCAM you have the tool which can:
  • Create roughing strategies with industry leading cycle times with SolidCAM's iMachining.
  • Effortlessly apply complex 3D or 5 Axis toolpaths direct to the model.
  • Precisely control Mill-Turn or Swiss-Turn machines with multiple spindles and turrets all at once.

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