SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? 2 - Render Queuing

Wednesday July 27, 2016 at 4:44pm
Why Go Pro? Looking at Render Queuing within SOLIDWORKS Visualize
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? 2- Render Queuing

 SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro?  2-Render Queuing

The British stereotypically like a queue and one I certainly appreciate is the render queuing feature within Visualize Professional. This is the ability to queue various outputs either from the same or different projects to be rendered now or to be set going at a later time. Perhaps set everything going before you go to lunch or leave for the day and I have found this great for productivity tending to just render test size images then leave larger/higher quality renders convenient times.

The Queue can easily be accessed from the View menu in Visualize Professional. 

The image below shows the Queue window is in its stopped state, which is best for adding multiple jobs to so it doesn’t start straight away. When you have added all the jobs you can then click on the "Start Queue" button. 

Next within Visualize I open the projects to submit to the queue click on the render option make the settings as usual, but this time check “send to queue” 

 This ability is available for all output types including advanced output such as animations and 360 degree spins when using the Fast or Accurate render mode. 


You can also move jobs up and down the tree and stop the queue if needed and even edit the settings before they start.  Below I have added different renders of the same model (render all cameras is also available) plus render all configurations of another plus a turntable animation. I can decide to move a job up the list to give it priority


Finally press the “Start Queue” button and it will do the magic. 

Network Rendering

Currently queuing is only for local jobs however the plan is to offer the ability to submit jobs from the network in a future release so you could use dedicated or idle machine/s for rendering which every submits render jobs to.

You can see the other blogs in this series on Visualize Professional below 

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