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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

06 Rendering Visuals Posts

Top 3 Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Composer
Discover the three key benefits SOLIDWORKS Composer and how they apply to businesses in any industry.
What are DSPBR Appearances?
Discover the brand new appearances coming to SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2024...
Who Uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize? | November Customer
Discover who uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize below, as we feature some of the companies that are harnessing the evolution in CAD rendering technology with SOLIDWORKS Visualize to stand out in crowded markets.
How to Add Decals to Spheres in SOLIDWORKS
Learn how to add decals in SOLIDWORKS quickly with this step-by-step tutorial.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: Why Choose Solid Soluti
Our Visualisation services can be summed up in three core offerings. If you are working against the inevitable deadline, or simply don’t have the capabilities in-house – we can assist you in creating visuals that help bring your designs to life.
Saying Goodbye to PhotoView 360
Upon first activating PhotoView 360 in SOLIDWORKS 2023, you will be greeted with information that PhotoView360 will no longer be included as of SOLIDWORKS 2024.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS VR: How to Create Immers
Discover how you can create engaging product visualisations through interactive and immersive content!
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: 5 Tips for a Better Ren
Regardless of how you work under pressure, make sure you reduce render times and maximise your productivity to meet your deadlines with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: Illuminate Your Designs
Here are 5 ways to create realistic lighting in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
Bringing Designs to Life: The Power of Product Ani
Traditional static images can only take you so far in showcasing the functionality and intricacies of your products…
What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize?
SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a powerful rendering and visualisation software for professional Designers and Engineers. Learn more…
The Best Settings for SOLIDWORKS Animations
SOLIDWORKS animations are a convenient and fast way to produce presentable video content. Here are the recommended settings you should use.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize: How Many Passes Should I Do?
Here’s everything you need to know about render passes to help you create the best looking renders without having to wait an eternity for them to complete.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Rendering with Gravity
SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to recreate the imperfections of photography by creating random, organic arrangements of components with gravity.
How To Animate Rotations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Pivot points hold the key to unlocking awesome animations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Check out this walkthrough to learn how to create them easily!
How to Create Realistic Lighting in SOLIDWORKS
SOLIDWORKS Visualize is equipped with some simple tools to help you get realistic lighting for your product renders.
Show us your renders and win prizes!
We have some great prizes to give out from this year's global technology event, and for this year's competition we decided to focus on SOLIDWORKS Visualize. We want to see more great content created by our customers with SOLIDWOKS Visualize, so for t...
4  Key Shifts which are Driving the Adoption DfMA
Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is how innovators will rise to meet unprecedented construction industry challenges. Owner-operators, urban planners, architects, engineers and building product manufacturers are cultivating a clear competiti...
Staht Case Study
Staht is a UK-based start-up that is enhancing the safety of the built environment by revolutionising on-site testing and measuring equipment throughout the construction industry.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Import Modes - Updated for 20
If you have been using SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 you may have noticed some subtle changes on the import geometry tab from previous versions. These changes weren't listed in the What’s New documentation and were introduced a little under the radar. In...
The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
This weekend is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and to celebrate the momentous occasion a new commemorative 50p has entered circulation. With only 1.3 million minted so far, these 50ps are currently some of the rarest around so we thought a virtual one ...
How to Create Animations in SOLIDWORKS
3D animations are a great way to display your designs, no matter what stage of the design process you are at and can provide companies of almost any industry with huge leverage in improving their operational efficiency. Animated marketing videos are ...
5 Amazing Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 202
The new release of SOLIDWORKS Visualize brings a number of brilliant enhancements to performance, functionality, interface design and convenience. Below we've picked our top five and for each one we've created a one minute video to explain all about ...
Modelling the Rugby Lions Trophy
For our final challenge in our Rugby Lions series Solid Solutions and MECAD are competing to create the best renders of the brand new Rugby Lions Trophy. Check out our trophy showcase animation, created with SOLIDWORKS Visualize, along with our model...
Virtually Testing a Scrum Machine with SOLIDWORKS
Following on from our first blog where we discuss how we modelled a scrum machine, as part of our rugby inspired competition with seller MECAD in this blog we'll take a look at analysing our scrum machine with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
Rugby Lions Challenge - Scrum Machine
As the Rugby Lions South Africa tour continues we are launching into a series of CAD competitions between Solid Solutions and MECAD - South African SOLIDWORKS Reseller, battling it out in SOLIDWORKS, as our countries' teams are battling it out on the...
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Competition - The results are
Over the 2021 launch event we ran Render Rumble, a SOLIDWORKS Visualize competition with some amazing prizes. We had a great response with some fantastic entries making it very hard to judge! We were looking for both static renders and animations and...
Welcome to Render Rumble 2021!
In 2018 we ran a competition for your most realistic renders. We got some absolutely stunning results and so now to mark the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2021 the competition is back, and this time it’s bigger, better and has a new name! Welcome to Render Ru...
How to Create 360VR Video using SOLIDWORKS Visuali
Virtual Reality(VR) videos provide one of the most immersive methods of viewing a design concept and can be used to bring your product showcases to the next level. Recently VR has become a valuable tool for many companies when it comes to design revi...
Changing the Sporting World for the Better
  The need for additional protection in cricket helmets was made clear after the tragic death of Phillip Hughes, who suffered a blow to the back of his head from a cricket ball in 2014. Designed in SOLIDWORKS by Alan, Masuri Helmets have releas....
Designing the Scorpion - Game of Thrones
As huge fans of the show we have been wanting to model something from it ever since the last episode aired. Check out this video to see how SOLIDWORKS could have been used to help design arguably the most impressive piece of engineering in Westeros -...
What is Extended Reality(XR)?
SOLIDWORKS XR (Extended Reality) is a new and exciting development that sits within the existing SOLIDWORKS products, allowing you to interact with your 3D models like never before. We have created a miniseries of videos to introduce the topic.
Creating Interactive Animations with SOLIDWORKS
Interactive Images are a great export option within Visualize Professional, allowing you to view the model in a series of 360 orbital spins within a web browser. However, what happens if I want to use this interactive method to demonstrate a mechanis...
Offers on SOLIDWORKS Upgrades!
In this short 4 minute run down, Jamie will explain the key differences between SOLIDWORKS 2019 Standard, Professional and Premium, helping you determine whether an upgrade is right for your business and which one. For a more in depth look at the dif....
Crafting Christmas
Channel your festive spirit into SOLIDWORKS with this Christmas themed modelling tutorial. In this webcast we'll cover how to model and render the perfect decoration for the top of your Christmas tree. Additionally we'll show you how to use SOLIDWORK...
Visualize Rendering Competition Results
Recently we hosted a competition to showcase our customer's rendering skills, and after a careful review we are now ready to share the results.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 - Driving Simulator
Using the new physics options inside SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 it is possible to set up a model of a car to drive along a pre-set path, or you can even take control directly using a keyboard or game controller.
Furniture Design Made Easy
Calling all furniture and interior designers: the days of creating square cabinets are over. What if we told you there's a much easier way to bring your products to life?Here’s 10 reasons why we feel SOLIDWORKS is better than any other software, espe...
Solidworks allows you to set appearances of your parts for your particular requirements, I will show you in this log how to set them as well as create your own custom appearances.You can open the appearances window by either clicking the ‘Edit Appear...
Milling about with SOLIDWORKS Visualize
To help make our training courses easier to understand and more relatable to real life working situations we have purchased a 5 axis milling machine to demonstrate the outputs from these programs in action. We have created an animation using SOLIDWOR...
Visualize Rendering Competition 2018
Like Rendering and fancy a chance at winning an iPad or other prizes? Then enter our Visualize Rendering Competition for your chance to win
SOLIDWORKS Visualize - Introducing AI Denoiser
A brand new "super feature" to SOLIDWORKS Visualize, AI Denoiser. Create your renders 10x faster! Employing the latest machine learning technology and artificial intelligence SOLIDWORKS Visualize can quickly produce stunning images, animations, 360 s...
Visualize Advanced Appearances
Applications Engineer Richard Earley presents 'Visualize - Advanced Appearances' in this weeks Webcast Wednesday.
What's New in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 20
Applications Engineer Richard Earley presents 'What's new in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2018'.
Whats New in Visualize Standard
Applications Engineer, Richard Earley presents this weeks Webcast Wednesday.
Gift Wrapped with Visualize
How to use multi-layer appearances to add bling to renders in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
What's New in SolidWorks 2018 Top 10
Discover the top 10 enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018.View the Video here
Visualize Hints and Tips
Applications Engineer Russell Richardson presents 'Visualize Hints and Tips'.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize content
Applications Engineer Russell Richardson presents 'SOLIDWORKS Visualize Recourse'.
Whats in SOLIDWORKS Visualize standard 2017?
Applications Engineer, Chris Boyles delivers this weeks morning webcast 'Whats in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017?'
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017 SP2
Applications Engineer, Alan Sweetenham shows us the impact 'SOLIDWORKS Visualize' has on renders in his latest blog post.
Animations with Visualize 2017
In this webcast we will look at the new ways we can render out animations and look at some top tips for you to make your animations stand out.
Tips to improve the realism of your Visualize rend
In this webcast, applications engineer, Chris Green looks at ways within Visualize to improve the realism for your renders including advanced materials, alternative lights, Depth of Field and decals.
SOLIDWORKS PCB Certification
Elite Applications Engineers, Olly Smith & Patrick Musgrave gain new SOLIDWORKS qualification by successfully designing new PCB design from scratch!
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Key Frame Animations
Creating still images really helps bring designs to life without having to create prototypes and can save companies a lot of money, however 2D images have their limitations. Here is when animations come into their own.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation of a Boat
Last month, I built a six-metre rowing boat in SOLIDWORKS. I was interested to know just how much I could find out about this boat using Simulation- for example, how many people could fit in here before it sank?
SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Why Go Pro?
Learn about the different Model Sets & the Formation Tool available within SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional in this Blog.
Meanwhile in the North Pole
With all the joys and excitement, we often forget the hard work and long hours that go into the delivery of our Christmas gifts. With the help of SOLIDWORKS motion analysis, (available with SOLIDWORKS Premium) we can simulate the production line of S...
Serial Number for Visualize Standard
Visualize Standard 2017 is intergrated with the normal license manager and is available as part of subscription for SOLIDWORKS Standard and Professional users. Now it is part of the SOLIDWORKS install a new serial number is required, this is availabl...
Lighting in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
SOLIDWORKS Visualize uses a non-biased rendering engine, which allows for physically accurate lighting within a scene. It generates images with high amount of realism and correct set up can replicate photo studio lighting.
Post-Processing in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
In this blog we will be look at the post-processing options that can be found in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Visualize Auto Animation
There are a few different animating tools within Visualize Professional but in this blog we will use the watch to illustrate the power of the automatic rotation animations, a method of doing quick and easy rotation animations with little effort.
How to model the Olympic Sun Sculpture
Discover how to model the Olympic Sun Sculpture in SOLIDWORKS, with our Elite Applications Engineer Gordon Stewart!
Visualize Professional - Walkthroughs
Explore the Walkthrough function on SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2016 SP1 Released
Improvements and fixes for SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2016.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize - Motion Blur and Camera Opti
Ever wondered how the big automotive companies create their impressive long exposure renders? Well wonder no more, with this webcast you will the see the vast and powerful range of features from SOLIDWORKS Visualise professional using options such as....
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? 2- Render Queuing
Why Go Pro? Looking at Render Queuing within SOLIDWORKS Visualize
SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Why go pro? - Motion Blur
Enhance the quality of your renders with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Why Go Pro? 1- Configurations
Why Go Pro? Looking at Configurations within SOLIDWORKS Visualize with our placement students Hannah Barnes & Nick Barlow
Automatic Animations With SOLIDWORKS Composer 2016
It’s What’s New time again! With SOLIDWORKS Composer we get two releases per year, find out about the time saving new automatic “Animation Tools” Workshop in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2016 SP3

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