What do I need to start using SOLIDWORKS CAM?

Tuesday August 10, 2021 at 10:06am
Need to know how to start using SOLIDWORKS CAM? This blog explains how you can get yourself started with ease! This blog has been created to answer your burning questions and guide you to getting started as quick as possible.
What do I need to start using SOLIDWORKS CAM?

What do I need to do?


SOLIDWORKS CAM has an integrated CAM package for All customers with a SOLIDWORKS subscription can start using SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard straight away.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is great for getting CNC code for milled prismatic parts, but its capability can extend to fit your machining needs, including 5 axis and mill turn if required.

To get using SOLIDWORKS CAM all you need to do is to check the add-in on in the add-ins menu which can be access easily on the drop down of the settings cog at the top of a SOLIDWORKS window.

Now we have the add-in on we can start applying toolpaths directly to our SOLIDWORKS model.

To get started using SOLIDWORKS CAM it’s as simple as picking a machine you want to use, set a co-ordinate system and stock, recognise the cad models features and SOLIDWORKS CAM suggests a best toolpath to machine with which can be edited if wished.

To find out more about this process and to get you making your first toolpaths we have a great video set (see video above) which go through from opening a part to creating toolpaths

To find out more about how to take your models to machined parts why not check it out here and discover more of what SOLIDWORKS CAM can offer.

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