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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

09 Manufacturing Posts

Easter Egg-citing Innovations: Unwrapping Core Fun
Packaging design is a core component of the modern Easter Weekend. See how we hatched a plan to design and produce our own Easter egg using SOLIDWORKS.
Manufacturing Showcase 2023 Wrapped
From concept to creation and beyond! Here's what you missed at the Manufacturing Showcase event in September 2023.
Fuelling Efficiency: How Extronics Empowers Design
In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, Extronics found themselves at crossroads of innovation and efficiency. Find out how DriveWorks design automation helps them navigate modern challenges.
Reduce Simulation Time of Automotive Wheel Models
Assembled condition Pre-assembled condition 2D cross section As you can see, the foam rubber tyre in its unfitted state has a huge interference on the rim. Modelling the assembly of this in 3D would be very tricky and take an extreme....
Manufacturing: How to Create Templates in SolidCAM
Using SolidCAM templates reduces repetitive tasks and boosts your productivity. Read on to find out how to create them.
Modelling Curing of Composite Structures
Learn how to accurately predict curing times for composite structures with MSC Marc.
How to Install and Use SWOOD Editor
Customisable SWOOD reports provide a comprehensive set of documentation for production including cutting lists, hardware lists, labels, and material summaries.
SWOOD Licensing
In SWOOD there are two main types of licence, the serial number for both types is 24 characters, for online licenses the serial starts with 3010 and for network licences it starts with 3020.
uk budget 2023
This month Jeremy Hunt unveiled the UK's Spring Budget 2023. Here we have highlighted areas of the budget prevalent to businesses in the manufacturing, Engineering, Product Development and Research sectors.
Bouygues Construction: From BIM to Virtual Twin
RESHAPING TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION In Pantin, a suburb at the gateway of Paris, the local Art Deco Leclerc swimming pool has been transformed into a modern, dual-purpose facility for art and sports. The extensive renovation involved restoring th....
Reinventing the Construction Industry With Product
From Industrialisation to Productisation: The Next AEC RevolutionUntil the Industrial Revolution, craftsmanship was the sole solution for creating goods, including buildings. Each product was developed by hand, with the potential for quality to vary ....
The Shift from Problem-Solving to Future Testing a
The era of winning by being reactive, stemming significant costs and curbing schedule disruption is ending. Now is the time to begin transitioning from problem-solving and move toward Future Testing.
4  Key Shifts which are Driving the Adoption DfMA
Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is how innovators will rise to meet unprecedented construction industry challenges. Owner-operators, urban planners, architects, engineers and building product manufacturers are cultivating a clear competiti...
Reach Net Zero: Advance Your Sustainability Goals
With growing environmental concerns and sustainability requirements, progress towards net-zero is underway with many companies investing significantly to revolutionise their traditional ways of working. Discover how Lifecycle Assessments can help dri...
Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft: What are the Challenges
The Challenges of Hydrogen use in the Aviation IndustryAircraft ArchitectureThe aircraft design methodology utilises existing conventionally powered aircraft. It can analyse both conventional and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and compare the perform....
Design, Develop, and Deliver Innovation with effic
Unlock the power to innovate with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which powers industry-leading applications for Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Simulation, and Governance & Lifecycle.
Could Hydrogen be the Future of the Aviation Indus
While it has long been acknowledged as a sustainable fuel source, hydrogen is now gaining serious traction as a viable alternative fuel for the aviation industry.
Top 4 Benefits of Composite Materials for Lightwei
One method design and engineering teams have employed to combat high costs and high carbon emissions is the use of composite materials in the development of parts.
CNC Code Verification and Digital Twins in Manufac
CNC Code is at the heart of manufacturing, successful code drives machines to make flawless parts as quick as possible. In this blog we explore how CAM software facilitates the creation of this code and how using a digital twin of a CNC machine can h...
Why should I be nesting parts
Firstly we should define what is nesting? Nesting is like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together, it is the process of creating an optimal layout of your flat parts so that you get the most out of your material. Typically this process would be used ...
What is meant by 2.5 Axis Milling?
Today we are going to look at what is meant by 2.5 Axis Milling and how we can decide if our part can be made using 2.5D milling strategies.
What is CAM?
The short blog article will answer two common questions that is associated with CAM. The article will answer the questions What does CAM stand for? and Which CAM software is best?
What do I need to start using SOLIDWORKS CAM?
Need to know how to start using SOLIDWORKS CAM? This blog explains how you can get yourself started with ease! This blog has been created to answer your burning questions and guide you to getting started as quick as possible.
SOLIDWORKS CAM - Using Saved Strategies, Combining
Following on from the AM session applying the saved strategieswill be shown after AFR is used you can choose which strategy that is used when‘generate operation plan’ is actioned.When ‘generate operation plan’ is actioned it c....
Using (IFR) and Creating Your Own Strategies
Automatic feature recognition (AFR) is a powerful tool that picks up feature types and assigns them with strategies from the Tech DB. Interactive feature recognition (IFR) allows you to create your own 2.5 axis features one by one allowing complete c...
SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard - A First Look
Applications Engineer Tom Buxton presents 'SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard - A First Look'.
SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional - A First Look
Applications Engineer Tom Buxton presents 'SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional First Look'.
SWOOD What's New - Pocket Operations
Applications Engineer Adam Humphries presents 'SWOOD What's New - Pocket Operations'.View the Video here
SWOOD What's New
Applications Engineer Adam Humphries presents 'SWOOD What's New'.View the Video here
What's New in SolidWorks 2018 Top 10
Discover the top 10 enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018.View the Video here
DriveWorks Pro: Take Your Project Further
Applications Engineer, David Robertson presents 'DriveWorks Pro: Take Your Project Further'
DriveWorks Pro: The Basics
Applications Engineer, David Robertson presents 'DriveWorks Pro: The Basics'
SWOODBox - Setting Up Shelves
Applications Engineer Adam Humphries presents 'SWOODBox - Setting Up Shelves'.
Best Practice - Upgrading to SolidCAM 2016
Taking a look at some of the new features within SolidCAM 2016, from menu changes to improvements with the HSS toolpath operation.
Incubator Design in SOLIDWORKS
Loughborough Design Student James Roberts wins James Dyson Award and secures contract with Morgan Innovation and Technology allowing them to further develop and manufacture his portable baby incubator ‘mOm’.
SolidCAM Important Software Update
SolidCAM have released a new service pack recently which fixes an issue with Synchronization of SolidCAM Parts.
SolidWorks Sheet Metal
Controlling consistency in sheet metal blank development is one of the key challenges when striving for accurate sheet metal components. In this webcast we take a look at how to control these settings in our designs and look at how we can automate th...
What’s New in SolidCAM 2016
Find out what new features are included in the 2016 version of SolidCAM software with this Technical document on MySolidSolutions.

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