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How to Download and Install SOLIDWORKS 2024

Friday December 8, 2023 at 8:00am

When upgrading or installing SOLIDWORKS, you have a couple of options for how to install the software.

The two main methods for installing standalone licenses of SOLIDWORKS are clean installation and parallel installation (the process is different for network licensing and administrative image models).

Before continuing, please ensure you have Administrator privileges on the account through which you are attempting the installation.

The following guide takes you through the process of cleanly installing SOLIDWORKS 2024.


  1. What is a Clean Installation?
  2. What is a Parallel Installation?
  3. How to Uninstall SOLIDWORKS
  4. How to Download SOLIDWORKS 2024
  5. How to Install SOLIDWORKS 2024
  6. How to Activate SOLIDWORKS 2024


A clean installation is a safe and reliable way of installing SOLIDWORKS and also frees up storage space on your hard drive.

It requires removing all traces of previous SOLIDWORKS versions from your machine before installing the new version or reinstalling.

This will be done through the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. Follow this complete guide to perform a clean installation of SOLIDWORKS.


Ready to Upgrade?

Make sure you’re ready to upgrade! Have you checked off these 10 things to do before installing SOLIDWORKS?

Read the full blog to get prepared and find out everything you need to do before installing SOLIDWORKS.



A parallel installation is needed when you want to keep multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS on a single machine.

If you don’t need to uninstall SOLIDWORKS, then jump to this section to install SOLIDWORKS 2024 alongside other previous versions of SOLIDWORKS.


To begin a clean SOLIDWORKS install, we need to first uninstall any existing SOLIDWORKS versions.

Search for ‘add or remove programs’ in Windows.

Then search for SOLIDWORKS and select ‘uninstall’.

Select ‘yes’ to run the installation manager as Administrator.

You may be warned that a reboot is pending, click OK to close this dialog. The uninstallation can be completed without rebooting.

Select the products which need to be uninstalled and click ‘Change’. Selecting all products will perform a completely clean installation.

We recommended that you select to only remove registry entries, if data files and folders are removed, you may delete templates which are stored in default folders.

If you need to remove all traces of SOLIDWORKS including the Toolbox and other data folders, then select the option to remove ‘Data Files and Folders’.

CAUTION – Make sure you have backed up any custom templates or files before proceeding as this change is irreversible.

Click ‘Back to Summary’. Then ‘Remove Items’.

When prompted, select ‘Deactivate Licenses’.

Choose ‘Select All’ in the product activation window to select your licenses.

Choose to activate ‘Automatically over the internet’ and enter your email address.

Click Next to deactivate the license on this machine.

Once the deactivation process completes, you should receive a ‘success’ message.

Select ‘Finish’ to complete the deactivation.

As we are including registry entries, we will be prompted for a check.

Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.

The uninstallation process should run through.

Once finished, restart your computer to complete the uninstallation.


You can find the latest SOLIDWORKS downloads from within SOLIDWORKS by opening the Help menu and choosing "Check for Updates”.

Alternatively, you can access our SOLIDWORKS Download page here. This will require you to log into your MySolidSolutions Account.


Before upgrading any piece of software, it’s best practise to make sure previous versions are first deactivated.

Make sure you’ve followed our 10 Things to Do Before Upgrading SOLIDWORKS checklist and ensure any previous versions of SOLIDWORKS have been deactivated before continuing.

Once you have downloaded SOLIDWORKS, open the Installation Manager from the setup .exe file.

You will need Administrator privileges to install SOLIDWORKS 2024.

Start by running the setup application from within your SOLIDWORKS 2024 installation files folder.

This folder will typically be found under SOLIDWORKS Downloads in your documents folder.

When prompted, select ‘Yes’ to run the installation as administrator.

If prompted to reboot, select OK.

Select ‘Install on this computer’.

Enter your SOLIDWORKS serial numbers and any other product serial numbers required, then select Next.

Select ‘I accept the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement’ and then ‘Install’.

The installation should begin.

Once complete, be sure to perform a reboot before opening SOLIDWORKS.


When attempting to open SOLIDWORKS for the first time, you will be greeted with the Activation Wizard. This is a simple and straightforward process and will grant you access to SOLIDWORKS.

Choose to activate ‘Automatically over the internet’ and enter your email address.

Click Next to activate the license on this machine.

Once the activation process completes, you should receive a success message.

Select ‘Finish’ to complete the activation.

Take the Next Steps...

With a SOLIDWORKS subscription you gain access to our expert SOLIDWORKS Technical Support team.

If you find your workflow disrupted or just have a question about SOLIDWORKS, then give us a call on 01926 333 777 or drop an email to and one of our expert Engineers will be in contact.

To help diagnose some issues, we may ask for an Rx recording of the issue. Check out this walkthrough to learn how to create an Rx without video that captures your system information and can be sent to our Technical Support team.

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