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SOLIDWORKS 2020 provides hundreds of new features driven by customer feedback and enhancement requests to help you design your products faster than ever.

How can I upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2020?

SOLIDWORKS 2020 is available to everyone with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription, however before upgrading there are a number of considerations you may need to make depending on your products and team structure. View our upgrade FAQs here.

If you wish to discuss best practices for a SOLIDWORKS upgrade then please contact our support team.

Where can I download SOLIDWORKS 2020?

You can find the latest SOLIDWORKS downloads from within SOLIDWORKS by opening the Help menu and choosing "Check for Updates".

Alternatively you can access the SOLIDWORKS Download page here. This will require your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal details to access the downloads.

View SOLIDWORKS 2020 Video Content

If you're looking to get our take on the best new features then check out our SOLIDWORKS 2020 video playlist. where our engineers cover what's new in each area of the software and provide useful advice on how to get the most out of the new functionality.

What's New SOLIDWORKS 2020 - Full Details

Looking to learn everything that's new about SOLIDWORKS 2020, or need to look up a specific new feature?

Check out the SOLIDWORKS online web help pages for the full details on What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2020.

Download SOLIDWORKS 2020 Product Datasheets

Top 10 New Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020

1. Faster Assembly Drawings

Work faster on drawings with many sheets, configurations, and resource-intensive views. Detailing mode allows you to open drawings in a matter of seconds while maintaining the ability to add and edit annotations. With the Graphics Acceleration for drawings you can improve frame rates when panning and zooming within drawings with hardware-accelerated rendering.

2. Faster Assembly Design

Envelope Publisher is a new feature in SOLIDWORKS 2020 that includes components from a top-level assembly as envelopes in a subassembly, as well as this, Large Design Review can help you create mates to the reference geometry of components, create and edit linear and circular component patterns, edit pattern-driven and sketch-driven component patterns. Defeature is a great way to create a configuration by removing details from an assembly using Silhouette.

3. Flexible Components 

Make Part Flexible allows you to display the same part in different conditions in the same assembly. For example, you can show a spring compressed and at full length in the same assembly which enables you to create designs faster while maintaining an accurate bill of materials. This optimizes your data management and efficiency bringing parts to life.

4. Faster Sketching 
5. Faster Calculations and Improved Accuracy for Simulation 

Speed and accuracy are key when using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, in SOLIDWORKS 2020 you can speed up analysis and improve accuracy by combining linear and quadratic elements in the same simulation study. Pin and Bolt Connectors can deform faces attached to these connections and beam models import temperatures to perform a stress analysis after running a thermal analysis on a model that has beams.

6. Improved PDM Browsing and Searching

Browse through PDM Projects, BOM, Where Used, and Contains tabs, while file data loads asynchronously. This means you do not have to wait for the file contents to load before you can browse into a subfolder. Search quickly right from Windows Explorer with no need to open additional windows. Search for multiple variables at the same time with any combination of operands (e.g. bold & iron, screw, copper).

7. Fillet Repair 

In this 2020 upgrade, a new streamlined workflow allows you to automatically preview and repair fillet edges after losing edge references from a model edit. While this is a simple improvement we see this regularly saving time during your design change process, helping you to stay focused on your design.

8. Simplified Mesh Workflow  

SOLIDWORKS 2020 introduces the new Mesh Decimation Command that allows you to simplify complex meshes and scan data to improve performance. Simply input a percentage decrease target and hit 'Calculate' to reduce the number of faces. Use the new Body Compare Tool to compare mesh data with your CAD bodies and view the results on a heat map to help evaluate or inspect your designs.

9. Improvements to SOLIDWORKS Visualize 

Extended Reality (XR) Exporter can easily convert your Visualize files to Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to make your projects more interactive. This gives you the opportunity to see what your finished model could be like if it was right in front of you. Additionally to help you manage your files SOLIDWORKS Visualize can now be integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM to make organising simpler.

10. More Flexibility for Surfacing

Offset Surface can identify faces on a surface that cannot be offset, this gives you more flexibility and allows you to create an offset surface without the failing faces. Regular surfacing tools then enable you to repair the problem areas. Surface thicken has also been improved, you can now thicken evenly around a surface and specify more types of surface direction vectors (other than normal) to a face.