SOLIDWORKS Certification


What is SOLIDWORKS Certification?
Test competency and efficiency
The SOLIDWORKS certification program is a great way to test competency and efficiency in the software. It's the only industry recognised SOLIDWORKS accreditation and a great addition to your CV.

Free Examination Codes for Subscribed Customers

Subscription customers can attempt the CSWP or CSWA free of charge, as well as any one of the CSWP industry specific modules. You need to sign into the SOLIDWORKS customer portal to access the current SOLIDWORKS Certification promotional codes.

Online Resources

We have created a number of videos related to the SOLIDWORKS Certifications over the years. These are all available on MySolidSolutions. To watch the most up to date video that will explain how the exams work, please click here.

Certification Days

Our certification days give customers the opportunity to work through the certification system with a qualified Applications Engineer present to help prepare you for the format of the SOLIDWORKS exams and to help reinforce some of the functionality that may be necessary to pass. This is also FREE for all customers with an active subscription contract or who are Training Passport holders.
Aimed primarily at students leaving education as a great addition to their CV. The exam tests competencies in solid, assembly modelling and drawing fundamentals. Focusing on design intent and ability to maintain robust models.
SOLIDWORKS Professional - CSWP
The most recognised of all the exams. CSWP is split into 3 segments totalling 3.5 hours testing part modelling, editing parts and assembly creation. Professional exams can also be taken on industry specific elements.
The pinnacle of the SOLIDWORKS exams, and quite rightly tough to achieve. As well as the 85% pass mark, to even qualify to attempt the CSWE exam, users must have passed the CSWP and 4 of the CSWP industry specific modules.

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